In order to continue to serve to the best of their abilities, service fraternities and civic groups need fundraising. Find out what hundreds groups and organizations just like yours are selling to effectively raise funds: Rada Cutlery kitchen products.

Rada Cutlery Fundraising Program Overview

To adequately achieve the goals of your civic or service organization, you can count on Rada Mfg. Co.  We have been helping groups fundraise since 1948 and last year worked with 19,000 different groups.  You will appreciate our easy system, fast service and the 40% fundraising profit your club will earn.

Rada Cutlery is proud to be 100% Made in the USA. Rada guarantees a quality product every time.  Our kitchen knives and utensils have a Lifetime Guarantee. We have sold over 135 million knives over the last 64 years.  The stainless steel blades are hand-sharpened for razor edge perfection and two handle options – the silver permanently cast solid brushed aluminum or the black stainless steel resin.

We hear all the time that our knives sell themselves. And at such fair, inexpensive prices, it’s sure to sell quickly to all your supporters.  Often the supporters appreciate the Rada Cutlery quality and value so much that they request a follow-up fundraiser to give them the opportunity to add to their collection!

You will sell a wide variety of cutlery ranging from steak knives to sportsman knives and spatulas to ice cream scoops – over 50 kitchen knives and utensils, available individually or in gift sets. Not only that, but your supporters can also purchase our American Made Rada Cutlery cookbooks, stoneware, and quick mixes.

Civic Group Fundraiser Spotlight

Civic groups have been raising funds selling Rada Cutlery for more than 60 years!  Below you will find information about some of those groups as well as quotes from them about fundraising with Rada Mfg. Co.

Masons and Order of Eastern Star sign in Waverly, Iowa

The Masons are one of the world’s oldest fraternities. They got their start in the late 1500s and number 6 million members worldwide.

This fraternity is widely known for their charity and community service. Freemasonry gives to shetlered housing and nursing care, education and schools, medical assistance, and Masonic Child Identification Programs.

The Order of the Eastern Star ( is an organization part of the Masonic tradition open to both men and women. Chapters are chaitable and donate to research for Alzheimer’s, juvenile diabetes, and juvenile asthma. They also give scholarships to students going into theology and religious music.

An OES chapter from Alabama said this about their area’s love for Rada:

“We did a fundraiser a few years ago for our Eastern Star Chapter (Golden Rule #6). We have gotten several requests to have another one. Thanks for all your help!”


The Shriners, closely related to Freemasonry and otherwise known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, are famous for their charity, especially toward Shriners Hospitals for Children. There are approximately 340,000 members around the world. They are famous for their red fezzes and their presence at many parades in which they drive small cars.

To raise money to be put toward helping their hospitals, Shriners often fundraise.

A group from Missouri said this about fundraising with Rada Cutlery:

“I am helping the Shriners do their fundraisers this year. Previously, my granddaughter had sold your cutlery for a pre-school fundraiser. I absolutely love the stuff.”

The Shriners have two women’s auxiliaries: The Ladies’ Oriental Shrine and Daughters of the Nile. Both groups also fundraise for the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

A Daughter of the Nile from Ohio knew how fast her Rada Knives would sell:

“Everyone that ordered last year are now wanting Rada Christmas presents!”

Knights of Columbus logo

The Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest fraternal Catholic organization, prides itself in philanthropic efforts for the Church and local communities. The Knights are known for their volunteer efforts as well as large contributions to charity. In 2010, the Order donated over $150 million to charity. The Knights are especially famous for donating to those with physical and developmental disabilities. They are a supporter of the Special Olympics.

Daughters of Isabella is the female auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus. There are a numbered 60,000 members in the United States and Canada. Like the Knights of Columbus, Daughters of Isabella focus on the goal of charity.

Knights of Columbus councils and Daughters of Isabella chapters have turned to Rada Cutlery for help as a fundraiser for decades. They appreciate the 40% profit they are able to put toward their charity efforts.

A Knights of Columbus member from Minnesota looked forward to fundraising with Rada Cutlery since he knew the value of Rada’s products:

“Looks like a neat way to make some extra money. Also have one of your potato peelers and it is great!”

The Lion's Club Logo.

Lions Club International, founded in 1917, is a service organization numbering over 1 million members worldwide. They seek to attend to the needs of communities on a local and global scale. In many small American towns, Lions Clubs are famous for putting up parks and playground equipment as well as other points of community access and enjoyment.

To fund their needs, many Lions Clubs turn to Rada. A Missouri club member said this about fundraising with Rada Cutlery:

“I used to belong to an organization that sold your products years ago. They were always an easy sell as they were such good knives. Our Lions group is looking for a fund raising project for next year and I suggested we take a look at your products.”

Kiwanis logo.

Kiwanis is an organization made up of 240,000 volunteers worldwide “dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time.” Among their many standards, they actively practice the Golden Rule and promote citizenship, but above all, their mission is service. To help carry out their service endeavors, many Kiwanis chapters turn to Rada Cutlery.

An Illinois chapter said:

“We had a fundraiser last year and really liked your products.”

In addition to Kiwanis chapters, many join Kiwanianne clubs consisting of the wives and widows of Kiwanis members. Kiwanianne clubs do the same sort of good work as Kiwanis chapters, and also find that Rada Cutlery is their key to meeting and exceeding financial goals!

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