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We’ve all heard of 4-H, the youth organization that empowers millions of young people aged 5-21 every year through education and engagement. But perhaps you haven’t heard of Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF), a 4-H citizenship program that brings members together for a week-long experience they’ll never forget.

What is Citizenship Washington Focus?

Every summer, thousands of high school youth from across the country converge on Washington, D.C. for the CWF. Hosted at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center, the CWF offers a wide array of activities that aren’t just fun, but help shape attendees into responsible, civic-minded leaders.

There’s a lot to learn and experience at the CWF. 4-H members get to meet others from across the country, exchanging ideas and building long-lasting relationships. Skills learned in 4-H programs are utilized and expanded upon, while speakers and workshops open the door to new knowledge that results in better citizens.

Those at the CWF conference are also in for some magnificent sightseeing, as everyone will get a trip to destinations including the Capitol, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, presidential and war memorials, the Smithsonian museums, and more!

Check out the Citizenship Washington Focus website for more information on how this great program benefits youth across America!

How Does One Get to CWF?

Attendance at this life-changing event is often paid for courtesy of local fundraisers held for 4-H members. Though fundraising can be a challenge, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and that way is Rada Cutlery.

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4-H Fundraising Made Easy!

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