Mission trips are one of the most notable activities done by churches. Volunteers travel to locations near and far to do good deeds while spreading the gospel. A mission trip could take one to a neighboring state, to the next country over, or an exotic land traveled by few outsiders! These trips are a great life experience, both for those part of the mission and those aided by it.

Mission Trip Fundraiser

Mission trips are a tremendous undertaking, and that means resources are needed. Such trips require organization, transportation, supplies, and more. The costs of a mission trip quickly add up, meaning that such an endeavor isn’t just an investment of time, but substantial amounts of money. Expenses add up, and a lack of funds can stop a mission trip before it even begins.

Thankfully, there’s an ideal way to earn money for mission trips, and that way is Rada Cutlery!

Fundraise for Church Trips with Rada Cutlery

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At Rada Cutlery, we’ve been helping church groups raise money for their projects since 1948. Our fundraising program allows your group to offer supporters our extensive catalog of superior kitchen products, all priced at an unbeatable value. It’s the best mission trip fundraiser around!

We offer three distinct sales methods designed to utilize the strengths of your group: catalog, event, and online sales. With catalog sales, you show potential supporters a Rada Cutlery catalog and take their order. For event sales, you set up a table with products to sell at an event such as a festival, church bazaar, or crafts show, where you then sell the products directly to those in attendance. And for online sales, you simply use email and social media to spread the word about your fundraiser, linking to an online store where the sales will be attributed to your group and you will receive the profits.

Your group can use one, two, or all three methods to maximize effectiveness. Each sale nets an astounding 40% profit, so the money adds up fast!

We often hear from groups who have successfully funded mission trips with Rada Cutlery’s help.

“I have done Rada at other churches over the years since 1973 and have had excellent service with the product,” wrote Jan of the Memphis Baptist Mission Team. “The name Rada sells the product for us! Thank you for helping our Honduras mission team be able to raise the money for their July trip.”

“Our Sunday School class has decided to do this fundraiser to support two yearly scholarships that we offer to high school graduates in our area,” said Robin of the Osceola United Methodist Church. “We look forward to a successful campaign.”

“We did a fundraiser several years ago and were very pleased with the products, the service and the profit that we made to help with our missions work,” wrote Penny of Gray’s Creek Baptist Church. “You have a wonderful product that everyone loves and uses almost on a daily basis.”

“We would like to raise funds to help an orphanage in South Africa,” wrote Carla of Trinity Evangelical Church. “We would sell at some fairs and community events. We are investigating this possibility and love Rada cutlery!”

“I love your products and have been using them for years,” wrote Suzanne of St. John/Christ Lutheran. “Our group is tired of selling food to raise funds. Please help us raise funds to return to NJ to help rebuild homes due to Hurricane Sandy.”

“We have sold these in the past and everyone loves them. Can’t wait to sell them again!” wrote Carla of Eaton Church of Nazarene. “A lot of repeat customers are asking about them.”

“My church ladies ministries is wanting to do the fundraiser – we haven’t done it in a couple of years so we are excited to do it again.  Your products are awesome!” says Lisa from the Restoration Church of God when requesting 15 fundraising catalogs for her group.

“We have had a great response with the Rada products,” wrote Phyllis of Long Rapids 1st Congregational Church. “People keep asking when we will order them again!”

Start Your Fundraiser Today!

Getting started is easy! Just contact us for your free catalog, order your materials, start your fundraiser, submit your results, and distribute the products when they arrive. Our stellar customer service is here to help you with anything you might need.

Again and again, groups have found that multiple Rada Cutlery fundraisers work wonders for profits. Previous supporters will love their Rada products and want more, while others will hear about them through word of mouth and be determined to purchase their own. Many groups schedule fundraisers year-round to keep money flowing in!

What are you waiting for? Visit our website to get started!

American-Made Products!

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Rada Manufacturing Co. is located in Waverly, Iowa, where it has proudly manufactured phenomenal cutlery and kitchen utensils since 1948. Everything Rada offers is made in the USA, from design to materials to production, so every purchase goes towards supporting American industry. Our workers exhibit unmatched skill when making our products, and we stand behind that claim by offering a Lifetime Guarantee with all cutlery and utensils.

Check out this video to learn more about what makes Rada Cutlery products so remarkable!

Church Fundraising Made Easy!

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Rada Cutlery has helped countless churches fundraise. From mission trips to building renovations to summer church camps to youth groups, when churches need money Rada Cutlery is there!

Our blog has even more information on Rada Cutlery products and fundraising.

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