Churches often put on events when they are fundraising for their programs: youth group, church choir, Sunday school, bible study, building fund, missions trips and more.

Many churches will set up tables or booths at community celebrations or festivals, or within their own church at potlucks, fall dinner or during coffee time.

One church member from Arkansas said:

“We will be having our spring rummage sale in about six weeks and would like to include your knives while we have a lot of people at the church to see them.”

An excellent fundraising product many churches choose is Rada Cutlery. Rada Cutlery is a popular fundraiser because of its 40% profit, quality and useful 100% Made in the USA products, as well as the many items to choose from.

Learn More About Event Fundraising and Tabletop Fundraiser Sales!

In order to create a successful church event fundraiser, there are certain things we suggest you do. Watch this video to learn more about how to display your table.


In the meantime, here are a few tips:

1. Make Your Fundraiser an Attraction!

Attract your sellers to your booth or table at church or at a craft show, town celebration, or fair. Here’s how:

  • Sales Boosters: If you are selling a big name product like Rada Cutlery, be sure to attract supporters to your table by posting a banner. Rada Cutlery sales boosters will bring many people to your table, because so many know of Rada’s value and quality products. We offer a table runner, a vinyl nylon banner, a tabletop display box to professionally display Rada products, price cards, a poster, and display boxes. Wow your supporters with an attractive table display they won’t be able to ignore!

  • Decoration: Since Rada Cutlery is 100% Made in the USA, you might also think of attracting supporters with American decor such as a red plaid table cloth.
  • Make a Gift Shop!: Have a small corner or room as a gift shop in your church. Make a small store where people can shop year ’round for gifts. We only have a $20 minimum order requirement so it would be easy to re-stock. Once other people in the community know about your gift shop, your church might want to have hours set that the gift shop is open, especially during the holidays for the “last minute shopper.”

2. Demonstration

Carrot peeling with Rada Cutlery Vegetable Peeler.

Your supporters will be eager to buy Rada products when they can see the demonstration before them. Let them try the products out if they like. It’s always important for supporters to be able to get a feel for the fundraising product. Here are some unique ways:

  • Knife Demonstration: You will want to have at least a few Rada knives on hand in order to demonstrate the quality of the products. Also bring in some food that you might consider tricky to cut and prepare as a way of demonstrating the sharpness of the blades of Rada Cutlery.
  • “Taste It” Table: Try having a “taste it” table following worship on Sundays where sellers prepare some of the soups and dips and have little samples for people to try with various crackers and vegetables.


Chipotle Quick Mix Dip from Rada Cutlery

  •  Feature Products: Feature 1 item per week; serve cheese and crackers and summer sausage using the Cheese Knife and homemade lemonade and show how it cuts the lemons too. Feature the Mini Server, serve brownies and Jell-O squares from a pan. For Knife Sharpener week, have everyone bring a random knife from home, even a pocket knife (as long as it’s not serrated) and have someone sharpen the knives with the Rada Knife Sharpener. It will sell itself!

3. Make Your Fundraiser Fun!

Supporters will take notice of the extra fun things you do to make your fundraiser unique. Here are some ideas:

  • Make Gift Baskets: Create gift baskets with the Rada items and sell them at a silent auction or at your gift shop. Some examples include:- “Cold Winter Night” – a basket with Baked Potato Soup quick mix, a Rada Soup Ladle, and a box of crackers. This would only have to sell for $15 to make a 40% profit.

“Salsa Lover” – Garden Fresh Salsa quick mix, Tomato Slicer and a Flexible Cutting Board. It’d only have to sell for $10 to make a 40% profit.

“Cook’s Delight”– Regular Paring Knife, Tomato Slicer, Vegetable Peeler, and 3 Cutting Boards. Sell for $15 to make a 40% profit.If you sell these baskets at a silent auction, chances are you’ll increase your profit as people will get into a bidding war!

Here is an example of a graduation gift basket.

Graduation Gift Basket image with Rada Cutlery products

This is an example of a Mother’s Day gift basket. We used cupcake liners and canning jar lids to make the 4 oz. candles look extra special!

  • Raffle Tickets: Buy the demonstration case to show the knives that the church is selling and then sell raffle tickets on it instead of sending it back. Let people see and feel the items before they buy and someone will be lucky enough to win 21 Rada items!

4. Have Order Forms & Catalogs Available

When your supporters are intrigued with your product, they will likely buy on the spot. Rada Cutlery offers the great option to sell from inventory, making it easy for supporters to purchase their cutlery right away.

However, if you would rather be able to offer the most Rada products possible, we recommend having our full-color catalogs on hand aside for supporters to page through and choose what they would like.

And be sure to have order forms no matter which selling avenue you choose. If you sell from inventory and run out, you’ll need to be able to request more! If you sell from catalogs, give each supporter an order form so that they can request the items they would like.

Fundraise with Rada Cutlery!

Rada Cutlery is the best way to raise the funds your nonprofit group needs! Every year, tens of thousands of groups partner with Rada to raise money for good causes. Churches, clubs, schools, sports teams, civic organizations, and more make the money they need with a Rada fundraiser.

The Rada fundraising catalog has all you need to know about Rada products for your fundraiser!


Check out the Rada Cutlery EASY guide to learn more about why a Rada fundraiser is what’s best for your group!

Rada's fundraising EASY guide.

Event Fundraising Video Transcript:

Hi, Kristi at Rada and I’d like to show you an example of table we set-up that you would set-up for an event. Maybe you want to set it up during a school sporting event. Maybe you’d set up after church, anywhere that you can promote what you’re selling for your group. You can take orders or you could sell from the table too. The first thing you want to do is maybe hang up a banner or a poster to get people’s eyes focused on that.

It will draw their attention to it. So here I just took a basket and I put some different titles of cookbooks. That way people can pick them up and browse through the recipes. You can have several different titles. I used the price card and put the size of the cookbook because we do have a couple different sizes at different prices. I put the price there. And here I show the large candles. I put how many ounces it was and the price. Now these are our display boxes. You can purchase these separately. The nice thing about this is that you can take the knife that we already have pre-packaged and you can put it on the side that way people can pick it up, see the weight of it, and it seems like when people can touch and feel things, they are more apt to buy them.

So we have three different sizes of that. And then these price cards are big enough, for like the stoneware, I wrote the advantages of it, so I wrote it’s a baking stone, it goes from freezer to oven, its dishwasher safe. People can read it so you don’t have to tell them about it. And then for the small, I wrote small cookbooks, and put the price on them and the small candles. I put all the dips that were the same price. Now this is the price you would sell them for of course. I put all the dips that were the same price in one row.

The soups are all 4.50 so I put them in a row. You could also maybe mix up a dip and have a bowl or dip there with some celery sticks or crackers. This is another neat and easy way to sell our paring knives or our vegetable peelers. They’re in a little tube and they’re a little bit more secure. So all you do is pop the end off. It’s easy for them to take one with them. A lot of people like to keep these in their camper or even in their car in case of an emergency that they would need a knife for. It’s a handy little carrying case; there are 24 in a box. And here is a display of some of the gift sets. Again, they can see how sturdy the box is and what kind of inset it is. They are great gift giving items.

And them a couple items are pretty similar in price so I just kind of estimated it so it doesn’t take up so much table space. So I have the two spatulas which are within about five dollars. And then of course you’re going to want to put out catalogues for people to look through and then the Rada order takers for them to fill out. Now you could have this table to show people what you’re selling from the catalogue or you can sell from this. I would just store the items under the table unless, of course, you are using the display boxes.

This is just an example of table you could have at an event. You could just put it up for a one night event or you could leave it up in your church basement. You could leave it at a pet adoption thing just year round. You could also mix some of the dips for people to try them. You could have a bowl of dip with some vegetables. You could even have a knife out to cut it to see how good the knife works. This is an event sale.

End Event Fundraising Video Transcript