Below is an email from a Chorale group leader asking questions about why the should choose Rada Cutlery fundraising.  Rada Customer Service Manager Linda replies to Heidi’s questions.

 —–Original Message—–

From: Heidi
Subject: Chorale group fundraising


I am gathering information on several fundraising opportunities for our high school chorale group.

We are in search of the easiest, quickest- selling, most desirable fundraising tools your company has to offer. We need a product that almost sells itself and has a high profit. This fundraiser will help our children get to the places they need to go for their choral competitions abroad.

Please tell me why your company can do this and what you have to offer in helping us make this an easy task. In other words, sell me on why we should choose your company; i.e., time needed for ordering, how the order is processed, how long for turn around, if your company packs it per seller…what do we have to do as the buyer vs. your company as the vendor. Does your company ever run out of offerings in your catalog, well stocked, etc. Do some schools ever just choose a few items, in the event we can get bulk pricing?

Also, what is the percentage our school would get to keep from the fundraiser? Are there certain products that warrant a higher percentage and if so, what are they?

Thanks so much for your time and we look forward to working with you! A quick response would be helpful.

Thank you!




Thank you for your interest in our fundraising system. We are confident that you will enjoy our easy system and fast service while selling quality American made products. We have over 19,000 groups that fundraise with Rada each year. In fact, many groups do Rada fundraisers several times each year, year after year. Our products are known to “sell themselves” so once your customers see the quality and value of our products, they want to order more the next time you have a fundraiser. Our products are all American Made and carry a lifetime guarantee. Your group will realize a 40% profit selling Rada products.

Typically, groups sell from our catalogs, turn the orders in to the leader, and the leader places the order with Rada. If your group sells at least $1,000, which won’t be difficult, we can sort your order per salesperson for you at no extra charge. This means that the entire order will be shipped to one address that you choose and in that order will be an individual package for each salesperson. This eliminates the sorting hassle for the leader. You can schedule a pickup time for the parents to pick up their child’s order so the kids never need to handle the knives, etc. Our individual knives are packaged with a cardboard sleeve on each blade and then sealed in a poly bag for safety. The individual utensils are poly bagged as well. These sorted orders can either be mailed to Rada or entered on our online system.

Heidi, we will be happy to send you our fundraising information packet which includes a current catalog, order form, order taker, and our Easy Guide to Fundraising. Our Easy Guide has a lot of helpful information on how to fundraise with Rada. Would you like the information packet mailed to you as well?  Also, please visit our website to see what we offer, our guarantee, ordering options, etc.

We are convinced that you will be happy you chose Rada.

Customer Service Manager
Rada Mfg. Co.
Waverly, IA 50677