An Idea for Your Choir Fundraising Needs!

Being a part of a choir is a fantastic opportunity that allows many an outlet to exercise their love for music and singing. Participants in choirs create lifelong memories by making friends with other members and gifting audiences with their musical talents. However, most choirs meet challenges for funding the activities they pursue.

In order to cater to a variety of audiences as well as their singers, choirs perform a variety of songs. These musical arrangements require funds to purchase and use. Also, many choirs sing with one or more accompanists. Sometimes accompanists seek payment for their services. Other times, the instruments involved add costs as well.

Choirs often get the chance to travel near and far to share their gift of song. These trips, especially those that take singers across the country or even across the ocean, typically require a large amount of funding to make them possible.

Whether you are part of a church choir, show choir, high school chorus, Sweet Adelines or any other choral group, chances are your group needs funding.

Here’s an easy fundraising idea for your choir that will be music to your ears: Rada Cutlery!


Hundreds of choirs reach their fundraising goals each year selling Rada Cutlery products. With a wide selection of amazing products and a 40% profit, we are able to provide the best fundraising choice for your choir.

We are famous for our quality, 100% Made in the USA products. This is a great selling point to your supporters, because they know that they will be getting a stand-out product with a Lifetime Guarantee in return for helping out your choir’s fundraiser.

Fundraisers with Rada are made easy and stress-free. We have excellent customer service that will be happy to help you with any question or concern your group may have.

Plus, Rada Mfg. Co. offers many different methods for fundraising. One is the traditional catalog fundraising. When you request a catalog from Rada, you will be sent a packet of materials including the fundraising catalog, an order taker for recording supporter orders, the order form as well as a step-by-step guide.  The guide makes it easy for the parent, teacher or conductor who is leading the fundraiser.

2012-13 Rada_Cutlery Fundraising catalog cover

Another selling option is fundraising from inventory. This is a great way to allow supporters easy purchase of our products. Set up a table at concerts or other choir events where audience members can easily buy from you. A third choice for fundraising is over the Internet. We make it easy to set up an account that anyone can access when given private login information. This makes handling order forms one less headache: we’ll take care of it!

Outstanding Customer Service

Rada Mfg. Co. has been helping fundraising groups raise money since 1948.  Each year about 19,000 non-profit groups choose to selll Rada Cutlery products at 40% profit to help fund their organizations.  Our system has been developed to service the volunteer leaders.  Our factory is in Waverly, Iowa and has all of our employees under one roof – manufacturing, shipping and customer service.  We are experts at processing your orders and 99% ship out in two working days!  You can consult with a customer service representitive at any stage of the process that you have a question – just call 800-311-9691.

American Made Fundraising Products

Customer Comments

A choir booster group fundraiser from Texas knew about the quality of Rada Cutlery before they got started:

“My church youth group did a Rada Fundraiser several years ago.  Love the products!”

An Illinois choir fundraiser said:

“I have received and ordered you products and really like them.”

Another from Missouri said:

“We have used Rada products for a very successful fundraiser for the past several years and have many very satisfied repeat customers.”

Request Your Fundraising Catalogs

Find out the value of fundraising with Rada: visit our website to learn more, or click here to request a catalog.

If you are curious about learning more about fundraising, Wikipedia is a good starting point.


About Rada Mfg. Co.

Rada Cutlery is manufactured, packaged and shipped in Waverly, Iowa.  We have sold over 135 million pieces of cutlery since 1948.  Our efficient manufacturing processes combined with our unique distribution through fundraising groups and independent sellers allows us to live our mission of “providing customers the best cutlery value for their dollar.”  Rada Cutlery products are 100% Made in the USA – materials and workmanship.

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