Nothing beats a good cheese and cracker tray at a party or celebration. Do not struggle the next time you are cutting cheese or sausage for your guests, instead try using the Rada Cutlery Cheese Knife.

The Best Cheese Knife

The Rada Cheese Knife is one of the most unique Rada Knives and includes these features:

1. The blade is 5 1/4″ long with a special wave serration that easily cuts both hard and soft cheeses.

2. The angled handle provides leverage and reduces stress on the wrist when slicing.

3. Oval cutouts in the blade reduces resistance which allows for easier cheese slicing (also the back side of the blade is smooth so it doesn’t gum up).

4. There is a small ridge above the cutouts. This ridge gently separates the cut cheese.

5. The knife has a forked end for serving cut cheese.

Cheesy Cheese Tips for the Everyday Person

Cheese Knife

Try out these helpful tricks and tips for cheese:

1. For a healthier and tasteful meal try making macaroni and cheese with a natural cheese such as Fontina, Asiago, Gruyere, feta, or zesty pepper jack.

2. To keep cheese from curdling try melting at the end of the recipe, then add it in.

3. Never freeze your natural cheeses, store them wrapped up in wax or parchment paper at a temperature of 35 to  45 degrees.

4. When putting together cheese boards to be served before or after dinner, remember to limit your selection to no more than five different cheeses. Serve cheeses of different sizes, shapes, and flavor or texture profiles to create diversity and add interest to your cheese board.

5. Try this: Simple greens can be transformed into elegant salad courses by the addition of crumbled feta, blue, soft-ripened goat cheeses, or grated hard cheeses.

Order Your Cheese Knife

Freeze cheese before cutting

Purchase the Rada Cheese Knife at the Rada Kitchen Store.

Rada Cutlery products can also be purchased by calling 888-771-7798 during normal business hours.

The Rada Cheese Knife and other Rada cooking knives are manufactured in Waverly, Iowa.  Rada Cutlery is 100% Made in the USA and is Guaranteed for Life (over 135 million knives have been sold since our start in 1948).

Rada Cutlery is also sold by non-profit groups for fundraisers and by independent sales consultants.  You can learn more information about these opportunities at the Rada Cutlery website.

Do You Know about Rada’s Cheeseballs?

Tusan Herb Cheeseball

Rada Cutlery also makes Quick Mixes, and some of the quick mixes we offer are for making amazing Cheeseballs! To make these, all you need is a package of your preferred mix and some cream cheese, and you have an instant party appetizer!

Here are the flavors of cheeseballs we offer:

How to Use a Cheese Knife Video

In the video below, Rada Cutlery demonstrates how to cut sausage and hard and soft cheeses. Other great use from the Rada cheese knife is cutting garnishes for drinks or slicing limes and lemons.


Cheese Knife Video Transcript:

It is hard to beat a cheese and cracker tray for a quick snack at night or when you are entertaining. The Rada cheese knife is used for both cutting sausage and cheese. Notice how nicely it cuts the sausage, nice even pieces straight through. The cheese knife was designed with several unique features.

The angled handle gives you a little extra leverage, keeps your knuckles away from the board. The serrated blade is a special wave and it goes through both very hard cheeses and very soft cheeses. There is also a rigid that separated the cheese as you cut through it, and the holes cut down the drag. On the end is a place to pick up the cheese.

End of Cheese Knife Video Transcript.