Find Your Rada Cutlery Source

Find Your Source for Rada Cutlery

Here at Rada Mfg. Co., we understand the importance of buying American-made products as well as supporting local businesses. Purchasing American-made products helps support the nation’s economy, boosts employment, and protects industry. Purchasing Rada Cutlery in your community–from either an independent seller or fundraising group–helps keep dollars working locally.

That’s why we developed Shop Local, an exciting program allowing sellers to place their business on a map, making it easy for customers to find them!

Use the Shop Local Map to quickly find a location selling Rada Cutlery near you.

What is Shop Local?

With a few simple mouse clicks, Rada’s Shop Local program connects shoppers to sources for Rada Cutlery’s kitchen products in or near their community.

Those interested can go to our Shop Local website and input their city and state or ZIP Code or click on the convenient, interactive map to see what’s available in their area. A list of participating Rada Cutlery fundraising groups and resellers will appear, and clicking on their locations will yield the seller’s name and contact information. It’s that easy!

So, by using Shop Local you will:

  1. Find groups and businesses who are selling Rada Cutlery
  2. Talk with a knowledgeable person about Rada knives and kitchen products
  3. Purchase Rada products on the spot without waiting for them to come in the mail (dependent on the seller)

Visit the Rada Shop Local page to find a seller of unbeatable Rada products near you!

Check Out Amazing Rada Products!

Rada Cutlery Reviews

Below you will find Rada Cutlery customer reviews for tons of popular products. Just click the link to see more pictures on the Rada Cutlery website.

Top-Selling Rada Knives Reviews

Tomato Slicer

“I started buying Rada cutlery at one of the big Home & Garden Shows because I was tired of cheap knives and of peelers that just didn’t work. This tomato slicer is simply the best for the price–you don’t need to spend a fortune on the German brands–this U.S.-made knife is every bit as good at a fraction of the price. It does a superb job slicing delicate tomatoes and other fragile foods.”

Regular Paring

“I’ve had a Rada paring knife for nearly 25 years, thanks to receiving one as a gift from my mother-in-law. I’ve used it every day and it’s held up beautifully.”

Cheese Knife

“Would not be able to operate a kitchen without this item. When people compliment me on the Cheese Knife, it’s fun to pull a spare out and give it to them.”

Serrated Steak

“These steak knives are a smaller size but they cut better than large ones worth twice the price.”

Super Parer 

“This is my favorite for chopping and other food prep. It’s very sturdy and easy to handle.”


“I’m a professional knife sharpener and Rada knives are the best value going. They’re better than ones costing hundreds of dollars.”

Chef’s Knife

“This is the knife I needed to take my skills to a higher level! It is great to work with and the rocking dicing/chopping action is great.”

Granny Paring

“This is a great knife for peeling because of its unique shape. It is made in a way that the handle cannot turn or come off. I highly recommend it. The price is great!”

Most Popular Rada Utensils Reviews

Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

“Everyone loves my Rada knives. I have given several sets as gifts and always include a sharpener. It it a MUST-have for any Rada knife owner. Easy to use, easy to store and works great! Usually 4 to 5 pulls through the sharpener gives it a “like new” edge. Great product and wouldn’t be without one.”

Ice Cream Scoop

“Spoons bend, cheaper scoops have broken at the handle, this thing cuts through ice cream like no one’s business. Love it, enough said.”


“This is the best whisk I’ve ever used. It cleans off super easy. I would recommend this as well as most of this company’s stuff to my best friends. They seem to be the one I wish I knew about sooner. Simple and elegant. Good quality.”

Non-Scratch Slotted Turner

“Where has this been for the last 40 yrs of my life? Was looking for an American-made product to use on my new dutch oven and non-stick pans. The ergonomics on this make it the best turner I ever owned. And is American made! The product quality is so much better than imported products. Got a knife as well, and it is great!”

Mini Server

“This is a strong little utensil and I use it on my cast iron cookware. Durable, easy to clean and attractive!”

Pizza Cutter

“I was sick of all the $15-$25 plastic handled, cheaply made pizza wheels, so I bought this based on positive reviews. It’s great, cuts well, is easy to wash, and durable. I’m happy! (and no stupid cheap plastic handle!)”


“These spatulas are GREAT! They are especially great for using with cast iron skillets. They are sturdy and made of stainless steel so I can put them in the dishwasher. They are tough enough to use as turners for stuck on foods but yet gentle enough for mixing delicate items too. I think that every cook that uses cast iron skillets should have one of these.”

Best Selling Rada Cutlery Gift Sets Reviews

The Starter Gift Set

“My husband loves to cook so I purchased this set of Rada (Made in USA) Knives for him. These are absolutely the best knives we’ve ever used. The Cook’s Knife is our absolute favorite and Rada makes the sharpest and best veggie peeler I’ve ever seen. These knives are truly amazing to have such a low price point. Anyone who is a chef or who loves to cook would be amazed at the sharpness of these knives.”

Four Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set

“Cuts great, stays looking like new. Made in USA!”

Paring Plus Sharpener Set

“I have been using Rada products for over 35 years now and I love each piece that I own. This set was purchased as a gift to start another young cook on the way to having quality products that will surpass the test of time! Excellent quality as always! Keep up the great work and wonderful value of your products!!!”

Peel, Pare & Slice Gift Set

“Rada is now my standard wedding present, as these knives are usually twice the quality and half the price of the items my friends put on their registries. I usually get enthusiastic thanks after they have tried them out!”



Ultimate Utensil Gift Set

“I bought these as a gift to my son and his wife. They love the Rada products and so do I. They look great and do a wonderful job around the kitchen. They were thrilled with it when they opened it.”

Carving Gift Set

“Purchased as engagement gift for a grand daughter. My kitchen holds many Rada knives and I love them. Give them often as gifts”

Why Rada Cutlery?

Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has been manufacturing the world’s best cutlery and kitchen utensils. Not only are our products renowned for their high quality and great value, but they’re also made entirely in the USA, from design through manufacturing. We offer fabulous cutlery, innovative kitchen utensils, delicious Quick Mixes, delightful recipe and gift books, and versatile gift sets!

All the cutlery and kitchen utensils manufactured by Rada are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence!

Check out this behind-the-scenes factory tour video to learn more about how Rada knives are made and to hear about Rada from our employees’ points of view.

Become a Rada Cutlery Seller!

Not only is it EASY to get into the Rada Cutlery business, but it’s PROFITABLE too!

  1. You can proudly tell your customers that your Rada products are 100% American made.
  2. The quality of Rada’s kitchen products is second to none so people like to use these products in their own kitchen AND buy them for gifts.
  3. All knives and kitchen utensils manufactured by Rada are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.
  4. You set your own prices to meet local expectations and demand.
  5. When you resell Rada products, you have access to the best customer service in the industry.
  6. Becoming a reseller is easy and hassle free.

Visit our website to learn how to become a Rada Reseller!

Help Customers Find YOU!

When you become a Rada reseller, you can sign up for our helpful Shop Local program! Shop Local is a website that allows Rada fans to search for resellers across the U.S. and Canada. Check out our Shop Local page to see how easy it is for customers to find Rada resellers!

Host a Rada Reseller Party

1. Have Rada Products on Hand

Rada Paring Knife Gift Set

Make sure you’ve got some Rada Knives for your guests to try out when they arrive at the party. You might want to purchase a Rada demonstrator case which works well for carrying a large selection of knives to and from different parties as well as keeping everything together.

Providing samples will let them know that there is a wide range of items for them to purchase. Also leave out some Rada cookbooks for guests to page through.

Send out attractive invitations through email or standard mail. You could also post a announcements on community bulletin boards. If you let them know there will be food samples, you will be more likely to attract guests!

2. Make Food!

Delicious Maple Frango Recipe Rada Chipotle Dip

You can find many delicious recipes from Rada Cutlery:

Make sure to prepare a variety of foods including some of these delicious Rada Quick Mixes.

3. Sell Rada Products and Make Profit!

Rada Display

Have order forms and catalogs ready to go so your guests can place their orders for the Rada items they want! Not only will you make a profit, but you’ll earn free Rada products based on the amount you sell. Want to know more about Rada Home Parties and other ways to sell, ideas for boosting sales, and more?  Learn more here.

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I want to earn a profit for myself, selling products I believe in.

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