The Boy Scouts of America is one of this country’s most-celebrated institutions, and with good reason. This nationwide non-profit organization engages millions of youth each year with educational programs and hundreds of different activities. Those in the Boy Scouts have no shortage of fun experiences, including hiking, camping, cooking, arts and crafts, games, marksmanship, public service, sports, and so much more!

About the Boy Scouts of America

Surely, you’ve heard of the Boy Scouts, and you’ve likely even known at least a few past and present members. There are three main programs, including Cub Scouting, for boys of first to fifth-grade age, Boy Scouting, for boys ages 11 to 18, and Venturing, for young men and women ages 14 to 21. Every step of the way, participants have positive experiences that exercise the body as well as the mind, educating them on better citizenry as well as forging lasting friendships with other youth. Those who participate in Boy Scouts programs not only learn valuable skills, but often demonstrate outstanding civic responsibility and self-esteem.

Check out the Boy Scouts of America website for more information, including where to find a Scouts troop near you!

Keeping the Boy Scouts Scouting

Over 1 million adult volunteers, many former Boy Scouts themselves, lend their time and efforts to the BSA organization every year. These great men and women ensure that millions of youth get the most out of scouting, but there’s always work to be done. Scout troops across the country need money to pay for the many activities, supplies, and trips that help make participation such a profound experience in the lives of members. Lack of funds can be a problem, but that problem has a solution, and that solution is Rada Cutlery.

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What’s Rada Cutlery?

Rada Cutlery is America’s premier manufacturer of kitchen knives and utensils. Since 1948, Rada Mfg. Co. has made superior products at an amazing value. All of our products are made entirely in the USA, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship and that each sale goes towards supporting American workers.

How Can Rada Help?

For over 65 years, Rada has partnered with tens of thousands of fundraisers across the country in order to help groups meet and exceed their financial goals. Fundraisers can offer Rada’s extensive catalog of superlative products, including cutlery, utensils, stoneware, dry mixes, and gift sets, to potential supporters.

Watch the video below for a look at a Scout troop in West Union, Iowa that held a successful fundraiser with Rada!

Why Partner with Rada?
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3. Rada’s kitchen products are among the best around, walking the line between traditional and innovative, balancing tried-and-true classics with the latest advances in design and manufacturing. This quality doesn’t translate to higher prices, as we cut out the middlemen by working directly with the fundraising group to ensure that Rada Cutlery can be had at an incredible value, something your supporters will appreciate.

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5. Based in the heart of the Midwest, Rada Mfg. Co. we firmly believe in what we do, from helping fundraisers get money for noble causes to producing kitchen products that people use and cherish for their entire lives. Since we stand behind our products, our cutlery and utensils come with a Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that supporters can buy and use with confidence!

Great! How Do I Get Started?

“We are looking for a different fundraiser to do with our local Boy Scouts. No one has seen a fundraiser like this in our area before and we would like to try it,” wrote Lainie from Wisconsin. We receive tons of inquiries such as this every day, and we are happy to help!

Starting a Rada fundraiser, be it for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, schools, sports teams, or many other causes, is a snap.

Visit our fundraising homepage for all the information you need on how to start a successful Rada fundraiser!

Check out our blog to learn more about fundraising for Boy Scouts with Rada Cutlery!

Boy Scout Fundraiser Video Transcript

Start Video Transcript

“The technology has kinda taken over our kids’ worlds. Get ’em away from the electronics. That’s why Scouts is a good thing. Gets ’em out of the house and out into the outdoors and working with other kids and adults.”

“My name is Stacey Massman, and I am Boy Scout Troop 54 Committee Chair.”

“My name is Tristan Miller, and I’m working towards my Eagle Scout.”

“I just love hanging out with the younger scouts and teaching them new things. We learn to keep an area clean after we stay there. We do soup suppers which is pretty good because we raise money for charities, trips and other stuff we do.”

Text on screen: “Orders taken from the fundraising catalog.”

“Rada knives are the best I’ve ever seen actually.”

“It’s a unique fundraiser. The people are excited for it because it’s something different. They are awesome to work with. It gives the boys that might not have the opportunity that their parents cannot afford to send them or have the funds to necessarily send them on these trips. That is how they are able to do a lot of the trips that they do.”

Text on screen: “To become part of the Rada Fundraising Family see the end of the video.”

“They’re like, ‘I wish I woulda found out about this sooner because these knives are really awesome.’”

Text on screen: “Schools, churches, sports teams and more are able to keep 40% of their fundraising profits.”

“I’ve stocked our house with it, our camper with it, because I love the knives.”

“My aunt was like to my grandma, ‘You have really good knives – how come I don’t have knives like this?’

“It’s one of those that really means something to the Boy Scouts also though that it is made in America. It’s right on their catalog – made in the USA.”

Text on screen: “18,000 organizations partner with Rada each year.”

End of Video Transcript