Rada Cutlery became famous for our paring knives back when we started manufacturing the Regular Paring in 1948, and today, not a lot has changed! Faithful Rada Cutlery users all over the country still applaud the top-notch, surgical-grade stainless steel blades that gives Rada Paring Knives a sharpness that cooks love to use.  Rada Knives are 100% American-Made and carry a Lifetime Guarantee!

Do you know about Rada Paring Knives and Paring Knife Gift Sets? This blog post will introduce you all the paring knife offerings and let you decide which Rada Paring Knife is right for you!  You will also see comments shared by customers on Amazon’s web site.

Meet Rada’s Paring Knives

The Granny Paring Knife

Granny Paring Knife

Rada’s Granny Paring Knife has a 2 3/8″ blade. The overall length is 5 7/8”. The curved blade helps with cutting items you are holding toward you.

An Amazon user from California said:

“For the price this is a very useful kitchen tool that filled a niche left open by the nice German knife sets I’ve had. Although the price is low it doesn’t feel like a cheap knife. The aluminum handle gives it a nice balance in the hand while the blade design makes quick work of paring/pealing/coring tasks that are awkward with a regular knife. Rada also makes a great serrated tomato slicer.”

The Peeling Paring Knife

Rada Peeling Paring Knife

Peel your fruits and vegetables with ease when you use Rada’s Peeling Paring Knife. Its blade is 2 1/2” to make an overall 6 1/8” knife. This knife is perfect for making garnishes as well.

Another Amazon user said:

“My mother got one of these knives as a gift several years ago and claimed it was the only knife handle that did not bother her hand. When I found them online I purchased another for her and one for each of my aunts. They love them. My mother was so excited that I found the knives that she had my dad buy her a set of Rada knives. She’s used them every day for over a year and they are still sharp and look like new.”

The Regular Paring Knife

Regular Paring Knife

This knife is Rada’s number one best seller! Rada’s Regular Paring Knife is perfect sized at an overall 6 3/4” and a 3 1/4” blade. It will do a wide variety of tasks just to your liking.

An Amazon user from New Mexico said:

“This paring knife was a gift but I have 3 of them for myself. It is the best paring knife I own. The knife is sharp and is very easy to hold even with smaller hands. I would recommend the Rada brand on all the cutlery.”

The Heavy Duty Paring Knife

heavy Duty Paring

Rada’s Heavy Duty Paring Knife (blade 3 1/4” overall 7 1/8”) has a longer handle which makes it easy to get a good grip while cutting.

One Amazon user said:

“Best knife I have ever owned…I am now buying ONLY Rada products for my kitchen! Was trying to cut up some steak into small pieces for my dogs…unable to “saw” through the meat with my big old serrated steak knives…got out this little paring knife and voila! It cut through the meat like it was butter and the meat was cold also! Just watch out…all this wonderful knives are extremely sharp! Hand wash them and dry right away. I have owned this one and the tomato slicer for over a year and no discoloration at all. I just ordered the serrated pie slicer and also the meat cutting set. I am happy these are made in the USA also…much, much better quality and the price is very affordable!”

The Super Parer

Super Parer

Our Super Parer is our largest paring knife, with an overall length of 8 3/8” and sporting a 4 3/8” blade. The larger handle provides comfort and the longer blade offers unmatched versatility.

An Amazon user said:

“I’ve been needing a new paring knife and researched the reviews of several knives. I can’t be more pleased with the quality of this knife. It is everything others have said: well balanced, super sharp, holds its edge.”

The Serrated Regular Paring

The Rada Serrated Paring cuts carrots.

You’ll enjoy the fine cutting sensation from the Serrated Paring Knife. This knife makes the sawing action easy!

An Amazon user who bought the Serrated Paring Knife said:

“They come sharp and cut through anything I’ve had with ease. I will not hesitate to buy more in the future since I only have two right now.”

Find and purchase all Rada Cutlery paring knives and paring knife gift sets at the Rada Kitchen Store.

Rada Paring Knife Gift Set

Video Introduction to Rada Paring Knives

You’ll find out even more about Rada Cutlery paring knives in Kristy’s video here:

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Rada Paring Knife Gift Set

Paring Knives Video Transcript:

Hi, Kristy in the Rada Kitchen, and I’d like to introduce you to all the paring knives we manufacture here. We have six styles, all different shapes and sizes. It will meet every vegetable or fruit slicing that you need to do in the kitchen.

Rada has six different styles of paring knives. The first one is the Granny Parer. This one has a 2 and 3/8 inch blade, and as you can see, it’s a reversed curved blade. It goes to the shape of an orange or an apple or a pear. It’s good for that intricate garnishing.

Then we have the Peeling Paring. This has a 2 and a half inch blade. The blade’s a little shorter, so it’s good to cut up mushrooms, smaller potatoes or kiwi.

Here is our best-selling, most popular Regular Paring Knife. This has a three and a quarter inch blade, and overall it’s six and three fourths. This will do every chore in your house. We’ve sold millions of these, it’s the best-selling.

Then due to a lot of requests for a serrated paring knife, we came up with a Serrated Paring Knife with a super fine serration. It has little teeth in it. This is good for woody fruits and vegetables or something that has a tough outer core. It’s good for cutting into broccoli, cutting rhubarb.

Then we have the Heavy Duty Paring Knife with the three and quarter inch blade but with a different shape, almost like a little filet knife. This has a little longer handle too, easier to grip. This would be good for any larger potato, apples, anything that you have to pierce such as larger fruits like a lemon or a grapefruit.

Then our Super Parer is our biggest paring knife, it has the big handle so it’s comfortable, easy to grip. If you’re going to do a lot of cutting, it will take the wear and tear out of holding on to a smaller handle. Also again, it has that tapered blade. This would be good for large vaidailia onions or a big bunch of celery. And that’s the Super Parer.

We do offer all of these in a gift set. We call it the Paring Knife Gift Set which has all six of them. You don’t have to decide what to give them for a gift, you can just give them the whole thing. Those are available with a flocked insert, sturdy box, and a decorative lid. That’s the Rada Paring Knives.

End of Paring Knives Video Transcript