When you’ve got small food that needs a skilled cut, don’t settle for less than a fine paring knife. Rada Cutlery doesn’t just offer a fine paring knife, they offer six! Whatever your hand size, task, or preference, there’s a Rada paring knife for the culinary job.

“I have had Rada knives for many years and recently lost my paring knife,” wrote one Rada fan. “I am so lost without it. I need a new one, fast!”

“I have always loved Rada,” wrote another. “When our home burned down, some of the only things left in the ashes were our Rada knives. We still use those knives today!”

Paring knives are often the most used knife in the home and for that reason, many customers keep several in their drawer there is always a clean one.  Some people like to keep multiples of the same knife, and other customers choose instead to have several paring knives with different blade and handle sizes. Whatever your needs and preferences, Rada Cutlery has your paring knife needs covered!

The Best Paring Knives!

Regular Paring

The #1-best-selling Rada Paring Knife.

Rada’s top-selling product is an incredible knife you’ll use again and again!

“If you want a great pairing knife, these little jewels just can not be beat!” raved one Paring Knife user. “My father-in-law bought two of these knives for us over thirty years ago. I gave one to my oldest son a few years back and have regretted it ever since. He loves the knife. My wife uses the other knife almost daily and has for over 30 years. I purchased a camper and needed a couple for it and found these. I can not be happier! They are just the best for peeling an apple or other fruit and will last almost forever. The blade is thin and easy to sharpen, which I hardly ever need to do as the knives hold an edge rather well. The aluminum handle is easy to hold onto and will never break. I love these knives!”

Granny Paring

The fabulous Rada Granny Paring Knife.

Rada Cutlery’s smallest knife is also one of its best! The Granny Paring’s small size makes it perfect for making precise, graceful cuts.

“I started buying Rada cutlery at one of the big Home & Garden Shows because I was tired of cheap knives and of peelers that just didn’t work,” wrote one Granny Paring user. “This knife is simply the best for the price – you don’t need to spend a fortune on the German brands – this U.S. made knife is every bit as good at a fraction of the price. It is fantastic for doing apples and other fruits.”

Peeling Paring

The awesome Rada Peeling Paring Knife.

Effortless peeling of fruits and vegetables is at your fingertips with the Rada Peeling Paring!

“Excellent knives, love all of them that I bought. Will be buying more in the future for family and friends,” said one home cook of the Peeling Paring.

Serrated Regular Paring

The Rada Serrated Paring cuts carrots.

If you like serrated knives, you’ll love the Serrated Regular Paring, the serrated version of our best-selling Regular Paring!

“All I can say is WOW about the entire line of Rada knives. They, including this paring knife, are the best cutting knives I have EVER purchased,” gushed one Serrated Regular Paring owner.

Heavy Duty Paring

The Rada Heavy Duty Paring Knife.

The Heavy Duty Paring is a larger parer with a blade that allows you to expertly chop, cut, pare, slice, and trim!

“I’ve had this knife about a month now, and I have forsaken all others. It cuts through an apple with ease. I didn’t even realize how dull my other knives were until I put this one to the test!” wrote one satisfied Rada user. “The knife has good weight and balance to it. The handle is solid and the juncture between blade and handle is very durable. I originally ordered this product as a sample to help me pick out a set of kitchen knives for my bridal registry. The price seemed too good to be true, but this knife lives up to the hype! I will be registering for an entire Rada Cutlery set for my wedding!”

Super Parer

The Rada Super Parer is a fabulous knife!

The Super Parer is Rada’s largest paring knife. Use it on larger foods like salami, potatoes, and more!

“I have been using Rada cutlery for over 15 years. They are the best I’ve ever used-easy to care for, stays sharp, and sharpening is easy with their sharpener. They feel balanced in whatever cutting job I’m doing,” wrote a Super Parer fan.

The Best Gifts for Friends and Family!

All Star Paring Gift Set

The Paring Knives Galore Gift Set is great for weddings and birthdays!

Get or give all our paring knives in one great set! The All Star Paring Gift Set contains all six Rada paring knives, meaning there’s not a conceivable paring task for which you won’t have the best possible knife!

Peel, Pare & Slice Gift Set

The Peel, Pare & Slice Gift Set has Rada's three most popular products!

The Peel, Pare & Slice Gift Set is the Rada Cutlery trifecta! Featuring the top-selling Regular Paring, the wildly popular Tomato Slicer, and the ever-useful Vegetable Peeler, you can’t go wrong with this set.

Super-Sized Pare and Peel Gift Set

The Rada Super-Sized Pare and Peel Gift Set is a wonderful present for friends and family!

Featuring the Super Parer and the Deluxe Vegetable Peeler, this little gift set will make a huge impact in the kitchen!

Buy the Best Paring Knives!

The Rada Peeling Paring Knife is made in the USA!

You can find all of our paring knives, as well as dozens of other phenomenal kitchen products, at our online Rada Kitchen Store! Visit it today to have Rada delivered directly to your door!

Kitchen Products Made in America!

image of the Rada Cutlery logo

Rada Cutlery’s products are entirely made in the USA! Our workers craft each item with unparalleled skill and care, all from our facility in Waverly, Iowa.  We stand behind our work, backing all cutlery and kitchen utensils with a Lifetime Guarantee!

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