Church groups across the country work hard every year to improve both their communities and place of worship. From support groups to missionary trips, the list of things they do is endless, constantly adapting to the needs of the congregation and the area.

What Church Activities Need Fundraising?

Churches across America feature a mind-boggling number of functions and services that make them pillars of their communities. While they’re undoubtedly made possible by the noble efforts of both staff and volunteers, money is also essential in nearly every case. Here are just a few:

Bible Study – Bible Study groups offer the chance to study scripture and engage in complex, meaningful analysis with others. Fundraising can ensure these groups have materials and refreshments.

Charitable Initiatives – Churches often spearhead charitable giving in numerous ways, from helping the needy to community improvements. Funds can go towards an array of worthy causes, helping others and doing good in the church’s name.

Day Care – Many churches offer day care service at various times, allowing for parishioners to focus on worship while their children receive proper care and attention. Day care funds pay for facilities, toys, food, employees, and more.

Mission Trips – Churches organize and sponsor mission trips to a wide range of areas, often travelling to far-away nations to do good and spread the gospel. Fundraising brings in money for travel, lodging, and supplies.

Renovations – Like any other building, churches have practical concerns such as maintenance and utility bills, as well as requiring improvements like new seating, equipment, paint, plumbing, windows, and a host of others.

Repair Church Organ – Organs often need repairs to ensure that music during services has a profound impact. Fundraising can make sure that a church’s organ is in top shape.

School Funds – The church Sunday School and Bible Schools programs are the foundation of most churches. Many churches also have Christian Schools or Academies that they support.  These programs require resources to cover materials and other operational expenses.

Support Groups – Churches are frequently the host of a huge variety of support groups, dealing with every issue from alcoholism to depression. These groups offer spiritual aid to those most in need and make a huge difference in the lives of attendees and their loved ones.

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) – Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) is an organization dedicated to the mothers of young children, giving women the chance to meet other mothers, discuss parenting, and enjoy themselves.

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Fundraising for Churches

Churches, being non-profit organizations that function all year, perhaps host more fundraisers than any other type of organization. With nearly half a million churches in the United States, there’s never a shortage of fundraisers occurring at any given moment, and never a situation where money couldn’t be put to worthy use.

Whatever the goal, these fundraisers can be a challenge. Plans must be made and enacted, volunteers recruited and organized, profits calculated and distributed, orders shipped and filled. But with the help of Rada Cutlery, they don’t have to be!  Churches have been fundraising with 100% Made in the USA Rada Cutlery kitchen products since 1948 and earning 40% profit.  Their supporters appreciate buying products they want and need while supporting a great cause!

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What is Rada Cutlery?

Rada Cutlery is an American company whose mission is to produce the best value in kitchen knives and utensils. For over 65 years, we’ve partnered with thousands of churches each year to raise funds for noble church causes of all varieties. In fact, our primary customers when we started in 1948 were churches! Since then, churches of all denominations and sizes have accomplished their goals by fundraising with Rada.

Visit our website to learn more about Rada Cutlery and see the kitchen products your church will be selling for your fundraiser!

Banner for Rada Cutlery Fundraising with red, white and blue stripes.

Why a Rada Fundraiser is Your Best Choice

Once you’ve partnered with Rada for a fundraiser, you’ll see why 18,000 non-profit groups raise money selling Rada’s kitchen products every year. Starting a Rada fundraiser is a commitment to success!

Here are five reasons why Rada Cutlery offers one of the absolute best fundraisers:

1. Unbeatable Products – Rada Cutlery reputation for quality and value is well established. We offer 26 pieces of fabulous cutlery, each beloved for their durability and sharpness. 21 kitchen utensils take the difficulty out of an enormous number of tasks, while 42 different recipe books mean you’ll never have to look far for meal ideas. Our 43 Quick Mixes are meals unto themselves or vital parts of your favorite dishes, while our 6 stoneware pieces provide a superior cook to metal pans. 28 gift sets ensure that you can get all you need at a time or give the perfect gift! All cutlery, utensils, and gift sets come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

2. Big Profits on All Sales – Everything you do during a fundraiser matters, and we believe you should feel the effects of every sale. Your cause is important and your time is precious, so when you fundraise, you need results. Many fundraisers offer profits as low as 10% per sale. But those who fundraise with Rada make an astounding 40% on each sale, be it a single item or enough to stock an entire kitchen! With this profit margin, you can meet your goal quickly and even exceed it!

3. Stellar Customer Service – Rada’s customer service is second to none. Whether you’re inquiring about our products, placing an order, setting up a fundraiser, or reporting an issue, Rada’s friendly, knowledgeable representatives won’t rest until your questions and needs have been addressed to complete satisfaction. Our representatives are here to help in any way possible and love doing so!

4. Three Ways to Sell With Rada Cutlery, you’re not limited to selling one way. For your fundraiser, you can utilize one, two, or all three options! You can sell by catalog, passing out books to friends. family, and co-workers and taking their orders after they’ve had a chance to browse. There’s event selling, where you offer Rada products on the spot to people at venues such as a church service, sporting event, crafts show, or even a home party. Then there’s our online fundraising system, which allows you to appeal to far-away supporters as well as the tech savvy. Use whichever is best suited to you, your team, and your potential supporters to maximize your profits!

5. Made in the USA – Rada Cutlery is located in Waverly, Iowa, and we’re a proud participant in the great tradition of American manufacturing. Every single product we offer is made entirely in the USA, ensuring that not only are Rada products made from the finest craftsmanship, but that every purchase supports American workers.

Contact information for request the Rada Cutlery fundraising catalog and other fundraiser materials.

How Do I Start a Rada Fundraiser?

This is the easy part! All you have to do to get started is simply contact us to request your free information packet and begin your journey to a successful fundraiser. Our superlative customer service staff will help you every step of the way, from telling you what you need to know to about a Rada Cutlery fundraiser to ensuring all orders are promptly shipped. We love hearing from you, and welcome all questions and comments!

Our fundraising website has all the information you need to get started with a successful Rada Cutlery fundraiser!

We often hear from those who are satisfied with their church fundraising efforts through Rada.

Darlene from St. John’s Lutheran Church said, “Our church has used this as a fundraiser before and everyone has been asking for someone to do it again. Your knives and cutlery are the best.”

Rhonda from the New Testament Baptist Church wrote to say, “We have done several fundraisers through your company and have been successful every time.”

Karen from the Holy Trinity Catholic Church said, “My best friend’s kids sold this for their school show choir and I’d like to look at a current catalog and receive info for a possible fundraiser at our church. Thank you so very much!”

Jill from United Methodist Church Youth requested 10 fundraising catalogs and said, “I helped sell Rada with other organizations. We loved selling it and I loved buying it! I can’t wait to get started!”

Debbie from Heritage Memorial Church wrote to say, “My brother’s church did a Rada fundraiser and it was very successful. When I realized the products are USA-made I was sold! We are sending a group to Papa New Guinea and will host a Rada fundraiser for it.”

Laura from First Baptist Church of Soap Lake said, “I found this cutlery at another church’s fundraiser and now I won’t use anything else. I have given Rada knives as gifts for weddings, house warmings, birthdays, and just because! It’s the best product I’ve EVER used. Everyone should own a Rada knife and sharpener!”

Fundraising is a lot easier when you are selling products that you know people will love using and are a great value.

Watch this video below for a first hand look and testimonial of how the United Methodist Church Women’s Group in Evansdale, Iowa have successfully raised funds with Rada Cutlery for years!

3 Reasons to Choose Rada Cutlery for your next fundraiser!

Follow Rada Online!

Rada Cutlery has a presence over all kinds of social media, which also helps spread the word about any prospective fundraisers. We post frequent updates and even respond to comments and questions, making social media another way to be in touch with Rada’s latest and greatest developments. Be sure to follow us on your favorite platform or platforms so you won’t miss a single announcement, recipe, or fundraising tip!

It’s “That Knife!”

Rada Tomato Slicer

As thousands of churches across America have fundraised with Rada Cutlery, our products have found a place in countless homes. People will often talk about “that knife,” one they purchased at a fundraiser or were gifted by a loved one, fondly remembering its superior quality. “That knife” might be a few different things, but it’s always Rada, and people are always quick to comment on the extraordinary quality and lasting durability.

The one Rada knife that most comes up as “that knife” is our amazing Tomato Slicer. This stainless steel serrated knife gives you perfect cuts of tomatoes every time with no squashing. It’s backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, and, like all Rada products, it is 100% made in the USA!

If you haven’t tried a Rada knife or just don’t have one of your own, visit our online Rada Kitchen Store to have the phenomenal Tomato Slicer delivered to your door!

The Best Kitchen Tools!

Rada Vegetable Peeler Features

It’s no secret that Rada Cutlery produces knives loved by millions of cooks across America, but did you know that many love our utensils just as much? It’s true! We offer 21 fantastic utensils that range from the classic to the innovative and cover any kitchen task you can think of!

Pictured above is our wildly popular Rada Vegetable Peeler. This handy utensil makes it a snap to peel vegetables, fruits, and more, courtesy of its stainless steel blade and ambidextrous design.  All Rada utensils are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee and are made entirely in the USA!

Our online Rada Kitchen Store offers the Rada Vegetable Peeler as well as every other indispensable Rada kitchen utensil!

Rada: Made in the USA!

Rada Factory with American Flag

Rada Manufacturing Co. is located in Waverly, Iowa, in the heart of the American Midwest. We take our role as a part of American industry seriously, so all of our products, from materials to development to production, are made entirely in the USA. Rada Cutlery has never sold a product made outside of the United States, and never will!

In order to offer our products at unbeatable prices while maintaining their superior quality, we cut out the middlemen, ensuring that everyone has affordable access to top-tier kitchenware. Our American workers demonstrate unparalleled craftsmanship, making products of a quality and design you can’t find anywhere else. As we proudly stand behind our work, all Rada cutlery and utensils are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, so when you get a Rada product, it’s there for life!

Watch this video to learn more about what makes Rada Cutlery’s products the most remarkable around!

Visit Our Blog!

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Put your Rada products to good use by checking out the Rada Cutlery Blog! Updated several times weekly, the blog is brimming with incredible recipes of all kinds, cooking and fundraising tips, the latest Rada Cutlery news, and more. Recently redesigned, you’ll want to bookmark it and come back again and again!

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United Methodist Church Video Transcript

Video Transcript Begins:

*voices singing How Great Thou Art*

“My name is Alfreida Nichols, and I’m Vice President at the United Methodist’s Club.

We do fundraisers, and after we’ve done our fundraisers for the year, we give all of our money away to different charities.

We don’t like to leave anyone out, so we like to have our fundraisers large enough so that we can give a good portion to each of them.

We do a lot of fundraisers for Rada. It’s really easy. We find a product we like or something we like, and we sell that.”

Text on screen: To become part of the Rada Fundraising family see the end of the video.

“And it’s very easy to sell Rada. They’re very well known. They have a lifetime guarantee. They are a very fine product.”

Text on screen: Orders taken from the fundraising catalog.

“We even bought some for our church. We have knives, and we have the little servers we bought for our church because they’re very handy. And I think all my family has Rada products because I made sure of that.”

Text on screen: 18,000 groups partner with Rada each year.

“The first Rada knife I bought was about twenty years ago. It’s a company that is a family company – let’s put it that way. So we’re very proud to sell Rada.”

Text on screen: Churches, youth groups, clubs and other groups earn 40% fundraising profit on their sales.

Video Transcript Ends