Everybody loves bread. Whether you’re eating a biscuit, baking a marble rye, or spreading jam over a warm slice of toast, bread plays an important role in our culinary lives. Thus, no kitchen is complete without an amazing set of bread knives. And it just so happens that Rada Cutlery offers four bread knives that are the absolute best around!

Better Bread with the Best Bread Knives!

10″ Bread Knife

A Rada Bread Knife at work.

This large bread knife easily cuts through large, tough breads of all kinds! The small serrated teeth ensure smooth slices of bread with no squishing!

“I started buying Rada cutlery at one of the big Home & Garden Shows because I was tired of cheap knives and of peelers that just didn’t work,” wrote one user. “This bread knife is simply the best for the price. My daughter has a 10″ Wusthof classic bread knife that doesn’t cut as well as this Rada. I make a number of artisan breads; the Rada knife can handle any type of crust from tough and crisp to those delicate, thin crusts. The knife is so sharp, there is no danger of crushing your bread by having to put pressure on the knife during the slicing process.”

6″ Bread Knife

The Rada 6" Bread Knife.

Just a bit smaller than its 10″ bigger brother, the 6″ Bread Knife is every bit as good at cutting perfect slices of bread. Also try using it to cut tough foods such as cabbage or rhubarb!

“I have 2 other bread knives but neither one compares to this one. It has small serrations so you don’t mess up the bread trying to cut nice slices. It has an aluminum handle so it goes in the dishwasher. I would buy another,” said one fan of the 6″ Bread Knife.

Bagel Knife

The amazing Rada Bagel Knife.

The Rada Bagel Knife is your best bet for cutting bagels and other baked goods of all kinds!

“The RADA line is made in the USA and is of the highest quality!” raved a Bagel Knife owner. “This bagel knife is a must-have if you enjoy bagels but do NOT like slicing them. We like to slice our bagels as we use them because they stay so fresh and tender inside, even if frozen for a while. This knife is up to the job – even frozen bagels slice easily – and the serrated blade helps prevent slipping when cutting through a REAL bagel.”

Super Spreader

The Rada Super Spreader knife.

Use the fantastic Rada Super Spreader to spread condiments across breads, to frost cakes, and even cut sandwiches.

“Bought a couple of these several months ago and just went back for three more,” said a satisfied Super Spreader user. “They come out of the dishwasher without a spot, and the long blade reaches into the bottom of the deepest jar. The serrated blade on one side cuts the sandwich perfectly. I’ve tried several other spreaders but found that they were either too short or came out of the dishwasher with rust spots. Not these! You can’t go wrong with good ol’ made in the USA quality.”

The Best Gifts for Family and Friends!

Rada Cutlery offers our bread knives individually and as part of lovely gift sets. They’re perfect for weddings, Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduations, housewarmings, and any other special occasion!

Starter Gift Set

The Rada Bread Knife is a must-have kitchen utensil.

The Starter Gift Set is the perfect introduction to Rada’s amazing lineup! It contains the Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler, Tomato Slicer, Super Parer, 6” Bread Knife, Cook’s Knife and the Slicer knife. From breakfast to dinner, you won’t find a meal that can’t utilize this set’s contents.

Sunday Gift Set

The Rada Sunday Dinner Gift Set is a fabulous Mother's Day or wedding present.

Bring out your Sunday best with this great Sunday Gift Set! It features the 10″ Bread Knife and the Ham Slicer.

Buy the Best Bread Knives!

The Rada Bagel Knife slices bread wonderfully.

All of our bread knives, gift sets, and other phenomenal items can be purchased at the online Rada Kitchen Store. Order them online to have them delivered directly to your home!

American-Made Products!

image of the Rada Cutlery logo

Everything offered by Rada Cutlery is made entirely in the USA! Since 1948, Rada has been manufacturing a wide range of superior kitchen products from its home in Waverly, Iowa. All of the products listed above come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Watch this video for a look at what makes our products so remarkable!

Fundraising Idea

Rada's fundraising catalog.

The bread knives and gift sets are included in Rada Cutlery’s Fundraising Catalog. Learn more about how your club, team, church, youth group or school can earn 40% profit fundraising with Rada Cutlery’s USA Made kitchen products on our web site by clicking this link.

How to Make Your Own Bread!

Homemade bread tastes delicious!

Few foods are as satisfying and enjoyable as a warm, perfectly baked piece of bread. If you haven’t tried baking your own bread at home, you’re missing out on something wonderful!

Fine Cooking has a list of homemade bread recipes that will have you baking masterful bread in no time!

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Best Bread Knives