Auxiliary groups, typically counterparts to organizations for men, are always raising funds for one thing or another. Whether it is to support an auxiliary’s endeavors, fund outside services that align with the auxiliary’s goals and mission, or to inspire others by giving back, auxiliaries can always count on Rada Cutlery to fulfill any fundraising needs.

Rada Cutlery is the perfect fundraiser for your auxiliary group. Here’s why:


  • We give back a 40% profit to our sellers. This is a very substantial profit for your organization that many other fundraisers can’t give their customers.
  • Our products are of the highest quality and 100% Made in the USA. We are told over and over that our products sell themselves. Families have grown to love and pass down our products over the past 65 years that we have been in business. They are durable and long-lasting, each coming with a lifetime guarantee.
  • An amazing variety of products makes for a fun and even more profitable fundraiser. We have every knife and kitchen utensil you could want to satisfy the most experienced chef. Cutlery items include paring knives, steak knives, chef’s knives, peelers and slicers, carving knives, pizza cutters, spatulas, and much more.
  • Not only do we sell cutlery, but we also sell stoneware, cookbooks, and quick mixes to excite any supporter.
  • We make it easy to sell with a variety of selling avenues. Sell from inventory, from catalogs, or set up an Internet account to pass around to potential supporters. Plus, with our friendly customer service, we’ll be there to support you with any questions you may have.

VFW Ladies Auxiliaries love selling Rada Cutlery as a fundraiser. One auxiliary member said that selling Rada knives was a unique way to raise funds that had not been done before in her area.

Most Ladies Auxiliaries VFW raise funds to aid disabled veterans and those serving overseas. They also support hospitals and work toward providing scholarships to junior and senior high school students.

One member of a VFW Ladies Auxiliary in Arkansas said:

“We would like to do this fundraiser. The church I grew up in did this and always did very well.”

Another member from Indiana knew about Rada being 100% Made in the USA:

“We are interested and ready to sell! Being involved with our veterans makes the Made-in-the-USA the best thing we ever decided to do for our fundraising efforts!”

Several fraternal organizations like Knights of Columbus, the Shriners, and Fraternal Order of the Eagles have separate ladies auxiliaries.

The Freemasons are no different. Order of the Amaranth, Order of the Eastern Star, Job’s Daughters International, and International Order of the Rainbow Girls are affiliated with the Masons.

Order of the Amaranth

The Order holds “The Golden Rule” in strong regard, living by the virtues of truth, faith, wisdom and charity. Many Masonic lodges and temples fundraise in order to better donate to charity.

A chapter from South Carolina wanted to put their funds toward supporting diabetes research. One member said this about selling Rada knives:

“I feel like these sell themselves – I love them, and I personally use one everyday. Most of our members are over 60 years old and I feel like they could easily sell your products.”

International Order of the Rainbow Girls & Job’s Daughters International

This auxiliary of the Masons stresses leadership training through community service. Girls aged 11 to 21 participate in service opportunities to learn the value of giving back. Similarly, Job’s Daughters International strives to help young girls build character. They often fundraise to provide funds for their Bethel activities. A Bethel is what Job’s Daughters call their chapter.

Rada Cutlery has helped dozens of Rainbow Girls and Job’s Daughters do just that over the past decades. One Daughter said this about fundraising with Rada:

“Bethel #10 (girls ages 12-20) would like to sell these products…to raise money for their bethel activities.”

Fire Auxiliary | Hospital Auxiliary

Fire auxiliary members support their local department and firefighters by responding just like the firefighters do to a crisis. They often fundraise to promote the efforts of the department. Hospital auxiliaries are very similar, fundraising on behalf of their local hospital. They seek to educate the community about the services their hospital offers.

A member of a fire auxiliary from Missouri said:

“We are very excited about this year’s sale. We’re ready to sell some great products and make some good profit. Thanks so much.”

A South Carolina hospital auxiliary member said:

“I have some of your products and know they are very good. I am in my local hospital Auxiliary and we need to have some fundraisers to help get some money to pay for some hospital equipment. Thank you!”

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