Cutting Board

10" x 14"
Thin is in with the Rada Cutting Board, a handy kitchen implement that can be used with nearly every recipe you have!

This flexible cutting board is made from a white plastic that bends as you need it. It’s flexible, yet durable, and can easily absorb that countless cuts and blows your kitchen utensils will deliver.

This plastic cutting board has an ace up its sleeve, as it is easy to funnel your chopped and sliced foods into pots and pans as necessary. Its thin, flexible material makes it easy to store, freeing up cabinet space for other items. It doesn’t just protect your countertop, but it has its own role to play in the cooking! Many customers buy multiple cutting boards to use with different foods such as meats and vegetables.

We’ve heard from our customers, and they agree that the Rada Cutting Board is a purchase they’re happy to have made.

“Love this product...I was thrilled to try it out and it's great. I like the idea of being able to roll it up and put it away instead of having something that has to fit into a certain area to store away,” wrote one customer in a 5-star Amazon review.

Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has made and sold America’s finest cutlery, kitchen utensils, and more. Whether it’s a wildly popular original like our Tomato Slicer, a reliable favorite like our French Chef knife, or a useful tool like our Handi-Stir whisk, the only thing that beats our selection is the products’ value.

As the years have gone by, Rada Cutlery has become synonymous with quality to cooks and chefs across America. We offer an expansive catalog of our incomparable products to sellers, as well as renowned customer service. Rada Cutlery is sold by thousands of businesses and individual sellers across the country, who find that their high quality and affordability make them the ideal addition to any stock.

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