About Rada Cutlery

Our Story

Rada Mfg. Co. has been manufacturing cutlery in the Midwest since 1948.

We started out in a small facility producing just six products and three gift sets, many of which are still in production today. We’ve come a long way since then, now in a much larger building, offering 125+ products from knives, utensils, and gift sets to kitchen tools, food mixes, and recipe and gift books, but our goal remains the same: providing outstanding knives at an exceptional value.

 Every Rada Cutlery product is 100% American made—from raw materials through construction.

We continue manufacturing in the USA because our company and our employees are committed to efficiently creating high-quality products and eliminating waste. This is the heart and soul of what we do here at Rada.

Rada Cutlery is used in millions of homes every day, providing knives, utensils, and kitchen tools and gadgets to households, restaurants, and other businesses through fundraising groups, resellers, and the Rada Kitchen Store.

Almost 20,000 nonprofit groups, like churches, schools, civic clubs, teams, and many others, have successful fundraisers year after year through Rada Cutlery.

Why? People know and love our products! They understand the importance of American-made craftsmanship and enjoy the value they get with every piece they purchase. And fundraising groups earn an impressive 40% profit on their sales.

Rada Cutlery is also sold by independent resellers in a wide variety of brick-and-mortar stores; at shows, festivals, fairs, and flea markets; to their online customers; through home parties; and through many other unique opportunities. They sell Rada Cutlery because they believe in Rada products.

Our Focus

During the last 70+ years we have earned a reputation for remarkable quality and tremendous value. Our employees and their families appreciate you choosing to use Rada Cutlery in your kitchen!


Superior Craftsmanship

Our knives are crafted with surgical quality high carbon stainless steel and sharpened by hand so you can enjoy a razor-sharp edge.


100% Made in the USA


The Lifetime Guarantee

Rada Mfg. Co. will replace any product manufactured by our company returned to us due to defects in material or workmanship.

Our Products

We want to inspire and enable great cooking, and well-made tools are absolutely essential for that. With that in mind, our goal is to offer high-quality products that everyone can use and afford. We believe that better tools make for better cooking and better meals.

So whether you’re planning a dinner party for 12 or just a quiet meal for yourself, we want to help make your cooking even better and more enjoyable, starting with an amazing knife at a great price.

“This is my company. I spend 40% of my waking hours here and I take pride in my work. Quality is important to me because it is a reflection of how I see myself. There’s part of me in everything I touch and this is no exception. This was made with pride in America’s Heartland.”

KELLY SKILLEN – Rada Cutlery Packing/Shipping Department Employee

So whether you’re cooking a dinner party for 12, or a quiet meal at home alone, we want to help you make your cooking better, starting with an amazing knife at an honest price.

Our Factory

Employee interviews in the video provide you a behind the scenes look at Rada Mfg. Co. See several stages of knife manufacturing as well as the shipping department and customer service area while Rada employees tell about their jobs.


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