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Rada Cutlery is a great product for fundraisers to offer friends, family and supporters. Three distinct sales methods give groups lots of selling options.

Iowa Woman Joins Fight For Cancer Cure With Rada Cutlery

When Donna of Shell Rock, Iowa, sets out to fundraise for her Relay for Life team, it’s an especially personal task, as cancer has afflicted several members of her family. For years her team has raised money to cure cancer, but this year, they tried something new.

“My daughter-in-law brought Rada to me,” Donna said. “I guess Rada leaped out at me. I thought that receiving 40% of the proceeds was an astronomical number. I was really excited about that, that it was so awesome. You don’t see that very often,” she said of the high margin of profits that go towards the fundraiser.

Rada products such as the innovative Cheese Knife are beloved for their usefulness.

“So we talked about it and she said, ‘Well, what do you think about it?’ I said, ‘Sounds like a good idea to me!’”

And with that Donna and her Relay for Life team ended up with a new ally in the form of Rada Cutlery. Since last year alone, Rada Cutlery has been sold by over 18,000 non-profit groups, while the company has been working with fundraisers since its inception in 1948.  

Rada offers a wide range of products, including the pictured Regular Paring, the company's best-selling knife.

Rada Cutlery offers a fundraising catalog that allows fundraisers such as Donna to effectively inform potential supporters of the wide range of products offered for sale. Chief among the items offered is an extensive lineup of Rada’s renowned cutlery, which includes 26 kitchen knives as well as 21 fabulous utensils. The catalog offers a wide array of cookbooks that cover nearly every sort of appetite, while the famed stoneware and quick mixes give the selection an unbeatable variety. 

Donna and three members of her team were able to sell over $1100 of Rada Cutlery and keep 40% of the profit, a superior number to the vast majority of fundraisers involving product sales. While Donna’s Relay for Life team has done many fundraisers since 2000, her whole group was impressed with not only Rada’s efficient and friendly customer service, but the ease with which the products, renowned for their high-quality and great value, sold.

Fundraisers can tell their customers that Rada products, such as the classic Serrated Steak Knives, are American-made.

Donna’s Relay for Life team is but one of hundreds of Relay teams a year that raises funds for the American Cancer Society, the premier health organization devoted to the elimination of cancer. These funds go to such activities such as grants to Nobel Laureate researchers, advertising to build public awareness, support for cancer patients and their families, and more. 

Rada offers 28 outstanding gift sets that each make the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Rada Cutlery is sold by fundraisers all across the country, but Donna’s location makes her team’s selling experience slightly different from most, as her area is where Rada’s headquarters and factory are located. As a result, she and her team experienced an exceptionally high awareness of Rada Cutlery when approaching potential supporters.

“Being that Rada is made not just here in Waverly but in America is a big deal,” Donna said.

All of Rada Cutlery's kitchen utensils are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, so fundraisers can offer customers products that last for decades. 

With Rada Cutlery, fundraising groups are able to work directly with the manufacturer. There are no middlemen in-between the products and the sellers. Our cutlery is made entirely in the USA, and we work with our fundraisers to ensure that they get the best possible service and that their goals are met.

Fundraising with Rada enables groups and individuals to make money for great causes, such as Relay for Life.

“I was excited about the fundraiser, and it went over very well,” Donna said, adding that before too long, she would witness co-workers comparing and discussing the different Rada products.

Donna can’t say she is surprised that Rada’s products were a hit to supporters, though, as she is a longtime Rada owner and user herself.

“I have several of the knives. Really like them. They stay sharp. I have the steak knives and paring knives, and they’re great,” Donna said. 

Donna will tirelessly work to support the Relay for Life for many years to come in whatever way possible. “We raised money so that no one else has to go through this,” speaking of how her husband, a 25-year cancer survivor, passed away in 2005. “Now that he’s gone we fight just as hard.”

Rada products offer fundraisers an astounding 40% profit on all sales! 

With Rada, Donna has found a reliable partner in her crusade against cancer. And that’s not just a good thing for the cause, but for local fans of Rada Cutlery.

“One guy at work came up to me and said, ‘Hey, these work great, I wish I had ordered more!’ So I said, well, guess what, we should be doing this again around Christmas time!”

Rada Cutlery fundraisers allow groups to offer a high-quality, American-made product at an outstanding value.

Interested in Fundraising with Rada Cutlery?

There are many advantages to fundraising with Rada Cutlery which ensure that a Rada fundraiser is a cut above the rest:

  1. Rada products are useful, the kind that everyone would be happy to have in their home.
  2. All sales make a 40% profit, a stark contrast to most other fundraisers, which often feature 10% profits. With a Rada fundraiser, your efforts go further. 
  3. A Rada fundraiser offers three distinct sales methods. Sell through catalogs, events, the internet, or a combination of the three to maximize your fundraiser's potential. 
  4. Rada's customer service is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Making sure your fundraiser is a success is Rada's top priority. 
  5. All Rada products are manufactured in the USA. Not only do sales help support American industry, it makes a great selling point to supporters.

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