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Rada Cutlery's kitchen products are among the world's best. Sharply Knives offers them in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Businessman Brings American Cutlery Down Under

They say life is full of opportunities. For Michael of Australia, one of those opportunities came in the form of America’s premier knife company.

“A personal friend of mine had been distributing Rada knives in Australia for many years,” Michael said. “He recently decided to move on to other interests. At the same time I had itchy feet for a career change and saw this as an opportunity worth having a go at.”

Thus began Michael's entry into the world of Rada Cutlery. Michael offers Rada products to the public through Sharply Knives, his online store. Although it's not uncommon to find Rada resellers in the United States and Canada, Michael is the exclusive distributor of Rada products throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Rada products such as the Classic Chef Knife (known as the French Chef in the USA) offer superior quality at an unbeatable value.

Rada Cutlery has been manufacturing superior knives and kitchen products since 1948. Based in Waverly, Iowa, Rada’s products have found their way into millions of homes through independent retailers such as Michael, as well as fundraisers for non-profit groups. Through his business, Michael hopes to see Rada products in countless kitchens across his native region. 

Michael's first experience with Rada Cutlery products was an important factor in his decision to get involved with the company. 

"I was given a complete Rada knife set for my 30th birthday," he recalled. "Our knives at the time were cheap, always dull, and a source of constant frustration. Going from those to a full set of Rada knives made a huge difference to our meal preparation times."

Sharply Knives can get amazing products such as the Premium Bread Knife.

All Rada fans have a favorite product, and Michael is no different. He is especially keen on the Rada Quick Edge Knife Sharpener. “The sharpener in particular really completes the Rada experience,” he explains. “This little device makes keeping your knives permanently sharp so easy.” He notes that Emma, his partner, adores the Chef Knife (known as the French Chef in the U.S.).

Although Michael’s endeavors with Rada Cutlery are relatively new, his customers are already raving. “It’s the early days, but past repeat customers have always spoken very highly about the sharpness of the knives and the fact that they are comparable to knives which cost several times their price,” he said. “They’re a fantastic value for the money.”

All Rada products are made in the USA with unmatched skill and care.

All Rada Cutlery knives come with a Lifetime Guarantee, something Michael notes on his website, http://www.sharplyknives.com.au. His site offers a wide range of Rada's most popular products, from the innovative Vegetable Peeler to the beloved Serrated Steak knife. For a businessman such as Michael, this makes life substantially easier.

"Working with Rada has been a great experience. Stocks have been shipped quickly, while quality is very consistent." 

Rada knives and utensils offered by Sharply Knives are supported by a Lifetime Guarantee. 

As the sole distributor of Rada Cutlery products in Australia and New Zealand, Michael has unique insights into why Rada is a hit with his customers. “I think the most striking difference between Rada Knives and other brands is in the unique handles and their construction,” he said. “The aluminium and black resin handles really set them apart.”

It turns out that Rada's "Made in the USA" claim maintains its appeal even when crossing the Pacific Ocean. Michael says that his customers are often pleasantly surprised to discover the high-quality knives his business offers are American-made. 

All of Rada Cutlery's kitchen utensils are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, so customers know that their purchases will last indefinitely. 

I think it is a very important part of the brand's story and identity," he said. "It's something the company has obviously gone to great lengths to achieve and should be proud of. To ensure that the story which I tell about Rada is true and authentic, I felt it was important to highlight that point consistently." 

Although competition is fierce, Rada products give Michael plenty reason to be confident in their ability to carve out a substantial market share. “In Australia, the German and Japanese brands tend to dominate. Both are very expensive. So I think it’s great to have another option that not only work really well, but are a great value.”

Rada Cutlery resellers offer high-quality products at an unbeatable value.

Interested in Selling Rada Cutlery?

Rada Cutlery is sold in many venues, including antique shows, boat and RV shows, craft shows, fairs, flea markets, gun shows, home parties, retail stores, and the web.

There are many advantages to selling Rada Cutlery, including:

1. You are your own boss. There are no long-term commitments, contracts, or terms when selling Rada Cutlery.

2. You set your own sale prices to best suit your business.

3. To get started, you only need a sales tax ID number and a minimum order of $75.

4. There is a wide selection of products. Not only do we offer dozens of knives and utensils, both as individual items and gift sets, but also items like cookbooks, quick mixes, and stoneware.

5. You are selling high-quality products at a competitive price. Value and usefulness go hand-in-hand with Rada Cutlery, ensuring that your customers get a great product at a price to match.

Learn more about starting your Rada Reseller business.

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