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Five Selling Options

As a Rada Cutlery Reseller, you can choose any or all of the five selling options:

  1. Events
  2. Stores
  3. Catalog & Home Sales
  4. Home Parties
  5. Internet Sales


Many Resellers choose to set up at events such as fairs, community celebrations, bazaars, shows, flea markets or farmers markets – basically any venue that attracts enough people to justify the time and expense to set up a display to sell Rada Cutlery. Sometimes these events are once a year and sometimes they may be once a week or month. You will find that people recognize Rada Cutlery and people who own Rada knives will be telling complete strangers how great they are!

Common Selling Materials used by Event Resellers: Table Top Display Box, Display Boxes, Table Runner, Banner, Poster, Price Cards, Plastic Bags, Express Sales, Rada T-Shirts and Car Magnet.


Owner-operated stores of all types set up Rada Cutlery displays for their customers. Rada Cutlery products are a wonderful complement for almost any type of retail store such as gift shops, hardware stores, general stores, bakeries/cafes as well as local grocery stores. Other shops selling Rada knives include flower shops, bridal shops, and bait & tackle – basically any store whose customers appreciate high quality Made in the USA products at a remarkable value.

Common Selling Materials used by Store Resellers: Table Top Display Box, Display Boxes, Table Runner, Banner, Poster, Price Cards, Plastic Bags, and Express Sales.

Catalog & Home Sales

There is a long tradition of enterprising individuals who sell Rada Cutlery to people in their communities via friends, family, acquaintances and word of mouth. Sometimes they only take orders and other times they will have a display set up in their home and keep some inventory of best sellers. Rada Mfg. Co.’s minimum order of only $75 makes this type of business feasible. Some of these folks also do some event sales and/or some home parties.

Common Selling Materials used by Catalog & Home Sales Resellers: Catalogs, Home Party Order Takers, Demonstrator Case, Plastic Bags, Rada T-Shirts and Car Magnet.

Home Parties

The Rada Home Party system was developed to give Resellers another opportunity to sell Rada Cutlery products. The system differs from most home party programs as there are no quotas, pressure to recruit or large buy-in for a sample kit. Simply purchase the forms you need ($10 will get you started) plus samples to use and show during the party.

The power of home parties is that your host helps you gather potential customers and earns free products based on the party sales. More information is available at www.RadaHomeParties.com or in the Reselling Made EASY with Rada Mfg. Co. guide.

Common Selling Materials used by Home Party Resellers: Catalogs, Home Party Order Takers, Invitations, Recipe Selection Guide, Host Order Summary, Demonstrator Case, Plastic Bags, Rada T-Shirts, Table Runner, Price Cards, and Car Magnet.

Internet Sales

Many products are being sold via various platforms on the internet and Rada Cutlery is no exception. Rada Mfg. Co. supports internet sellers with quality products and service but does not drop ship to your customers.

Common Selling Materials used by Internet Resellers: Rada CD and Rada DVD.

Selling Materials

Extra Catalogs

Extra Catalogs are available. The first 10 each year are FREE! You can order additional as needed.

Item CATP • $.21 each (large 8.5″ x 11″ with prices)

Item CATH • $.21 each (small 5.5″ x 8.5″ without prices)

Tabletop Display Box

Use this unit to both store and transport your Rada Cutlery items! Remove the box lid, insert the cardboard riser, price cards and banner as shown in the picture. You are ready to start selling!

Item TDB (35.5″ x 21.5″) • $19.47

Display Boxes

Use the Display Boxes if you set up your items on a table to see. Each Display Box includes a smaller box to show a knife out of the bag as well as a price card.

Item SDB (10″ x 6″) • $2.00

Item MDB (13″ x 7.5″) • $2.74

Item LDB (15″ x 7.5″) • $3.26

Table Runner

A quick way to make a table display stand out is to use the Table Runner. The Table Runner is placed across the table so the logo hangs down the front. It could also be hung behind the table if desired. The Table Runner is 28″ wide and 72″ long and is made from a 65/35 blend of poly/cotton twill.

Item B131 • $31.58 each


Now it is easy to let everyone know that you sell Rada Cutlery! The 60″ by 27″ Banner has 4 metal grommets for quick hanging. Post outside or above your display to grab attention. The Banner is made from a 65/35 blend of poly/cotton twill.

Item BAN • $35.26 each


Promote your business with this attention-getting (22″ x 17″) Poster. The Poster is a great size to catch people’s attention. Selling one extra item more than pays for the Poster!

Item POS • $.42 each

Price Card

You can purchase the Price Card (3.5″ x 4.75″) separately to use with your current system.

Item CARD • $.12 each

Plastic Bag

Use the Rada Cutlery Plastic bags (11.25″ by 16″) for your customer’s orders.

Item BAG • $1.05 (25 bags, 8 bundles maximum per order)

Express Sales

If you want to do a simplified offering, you can sell either Vegetable Peelers or Regular Paring Knives in plastic tubes with rubber caps from 9 cardboard carrying cases.

Case (24 pcs) Item # Your Cost
R101 Regular Paring CS1 See Order Form
W201 Regular Paring CS21 See Order Form
(SSR Black Handle)
Case (24 pcs) Item # Your Cost
R132 Vegetable Peeler CS2 See Order Form
W232 Vegetable Peeler CS22 See Order Form
(SSR Black Handle)

Rada Images CD

A CD of images of all our items available in two sizes (small and large) formatted for web use.

Item CD • $10.00

Rada DVD

A DVD of Rada product videos that can be played next to your display to attract attention.

Item DVD • $10.00

Demonstrator Case

The durable Demonstrator Case attractively displays 21 pieces of cutlery – a good representation of the entire line. The Demonstrator Case opens on three sides to lay flat. Your sales will increase because people can see and feel the knives they want to purchase.

Included: R100 Granny Paring, R101 Regular Paring, R104 Utility/Steak, R107 Slicer, R114 Spatula, R117 Handi-Stir, R118 Bagel Knife, R119 Knife Sharpener, R125 Cookspoon w/ Holes, R126 Tomato Slicer, R127 Super Parer, R132 Vegetable Peeler, R133 Mini Server, R135 Party Spreader, R142 Serrated Regular Paring, W203 Heavy Duty Paring (SSR handle), W205 Serrated Steak (SSR handle), W208 Carver/Boner (SSR handle), W212 10″ Bread Knife (SSR handle), W237 Ice Cream Scoop (SSR handle), W241 Deluxe Vegetable Peeler (SSR handle)

Item S17 (w/ cutlery) • See Order Form

Item S17E (empty case only) • $36.68

Car Magnet

Use the 9″ by 12″ Car Magnet to let people know that they can buy Rada Cutlery from you. Remove and clean the magnet occasionally to prevent sticking.

Item MAG • $5.26 each

Rada T-Shirts

High quality t-shirts with Rada Cutlery logo. Preshrunk 6 oz. 100% combed ring Cotton material. Available in white or navy blue.

White Blue
Item B101 • Small $6.32 Item B106 • Small $7.37
Item B102 • Medium $6.32 Item B107 • Medium $7.37
Item B103 • Large $6.32 Item B108 • Large $7.37
Item B104 • XLarge $6.32 Item B109 • XLarge $7.37
Item B105 • XXLarge $8.16 Item B110 • XXLarge $8.95


The key to a successful party for both the Host and you is the number of Guests placing orders (either at the party or outside orders). Therefore it is in both of your best interests to invite as many people to the party as possible. The attractive postcard invitation makes it easy!

Invitation (no printed version available)

Recipe Selection Guide

Give the Recipe Selection Guide to your Hosts so they can choose which recipes they would like their guests to enjoy. The Host Rewards are listed on the back cover. Use the Recipe Selection Guide to show potential Hosts their rewards for having a party and what hosting a party involves.

Recipe Selection Guide (no printed version available)

Home Party Order Takers

Your Guests will use the Order Taker to write in the items they are ordering. The chart for their Half-Price Reward is included on the form. This two part form separates after it is filled out to provide the Guest a copy/receipt. You can choose to place a label with your contact information on the consultant lines.

Item OTP - $2.50 (includes 50)

Host Order Summary

Use the Host Order Summary to summarize the party sales and determine the amount of Host Free Items and the Additional Purchase Discount earned. This two part form separates after it is filled out to provide the Host a copy/receipt.

Item HOSP - $2.50 (includes 50)