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How It Works

Rada Cutlery has been sold by Independent Sellers for decades. These Resellers include individuals and small businesses that recognize the opportunity to work directly with the factory to sell a recognizable product with a remarkable reputation.

Below is a quick overview of the Rada Cutlery Reseller program:

Free Agent

You are a free agent. There are no long term commitments, terms or contracts when selling Rada Cutlery products. There are no monthly/annual ordering requirements, no schedules, meetings or obligations. The only requirements are a sales tax ID number and a minimum order of $75. You place orders according to your business needs.


You hold the key to your own success. You decide which items to offer, where to sell, how to sell and to whom to sell. Below is a list of the main ways Resellers sell Rada Cutlery.

  1. Events, shows, fairs, festivals, farmer’s markets and flea markets. Any place where a large number of people gather is an opportunity to sell Rada Cutlery. The main considerations are the cost to participate, booth space rental fees, your set-up (displays, inventory, signage, etc.) and your time.
  2. Home Parties using the forms and materials developed and available through Rada Cutlery to help facilitate home party sales. You will see the Rada Cutlery home party offering does not resemble many other party plan programs. We basically offer the products and the materials for interested Resellers to use. This means there are no quotas, down-lines, recruiting, etc. The main benefit of Home Parties is you create an occasion to gather people and create sales.
  3. Owner-operated stores add Rada Cutlery to their offerings. They like selling a product that is not available in big box stores but with a strong visual recognition and reputation.
  4. Home sales and catalog sales. Similar to home parties but dealing with customers one at a time – usually family, friends, acquaintances and word of mouth referrals. The challenge is to have enough sales volume to be able to place orders in a timely manner for your customers or to justify keeping some items on hand.
  5. Web based sales. The web is continually evolving and providing opportunities to connect products and customers. Drop shipping is not currently available so this channel requires a combination of technical savvy/marketing and the ability to fulfill orders.

Products & Support

Rada Cutlery products are 100% Made in the USA. Orders are processed and shipped from our factory in Waverly, Iowa. Our customer service representatives answer the phone from the same facility. Our system is set up so 99% of our orders ship out in two working days.

Below is an overview of the items available for you to sell:

  1. Kitchen Knives – Twenty-six selections including paring knives, steak knives, chef knife and our famous tomato slicer.
  2. Utensils – Twenty-one versatile items such as the pie server, ice cream scoop and pizza cutter as well as the popular vegetable peeler and quick edge knife sharpener.
  3. Gift Sets – Twenty-eight combinations makes gift giving easy. Choose from steak knife sets, carving sets, utensils sets, oak block cutlery sets and many more.
  4. Stoneware – Six stoneware cookware options offer superior baking, freezer to oven and are dishwasher safe.
  5. Quick Mixes – Thirty-seven delicious dips, warm dips, cheeseballs, sweet dips, sauces, soups, pound cakes and no-bake cheesecakes. Easy to make and yummy to eat!
  6. Cookbooks – Forty-one options provide an interesting variety of titles and recipes.

All the Rada Cutlery products found on this web site are available for you to purchase wholesale and offer your customers. You are the only level between the factory and your customer. This system provides you a unique opportunity to grow your business.

Getting Started

  1. Request a catalog from this web site or call Rada Customer Service at 1-800-311-9691 and we will send you our complete information packet. It will include wholesale pricing, best sellers, three reseller guidelines and the annual purchase volume discount.
  2. Review the materials and call or email customer service if you have questions.
  3. Send a copy of your sales tax ID number along with your first order. You are in business – start selling!

Reseller Guidelines

All Rada customers have approval to sell Rada Cutlery™ and other products from Rada Mfg. Co.™ utilizing any channel available to them with three simple guidelines.

First, it must be apparent to all that your business and Rada Mfg. Co.™ are separate entities. You must not imply a unique relationship with Rada Mfg. Co.™ by using language such as representative, exclusive, division, wholesaler, distributor, authorized, and other similar words. The relationship with Rada Mfg. Co.™ is one of a reseller and be simply clarified as follows: “Your business” – Reseller of Rada Cutlery™. In addition, Rada Cutlery, Rada Knives and Rada Mfg. Co. are trademarked and may not be used as part of a website URL without written approval.

Second, promotional materials are designed and distributed by Rada Mfg. Co.™ for your use in reselling Rada Cutlery™. These materials (text and graphics from RadaMfg.com web site, catalogs, fliers, and other marketing materials) are available for promotional purposes and may be duplicated as necessary as long as they continue to positively represent Rada Mfg Co.™ and easily discern your business from Rada Mfg. Co.™ as noted above.

Third, you are not allowed to offer fund raising programs to non-profit organizations. The fund raising market has long been Rada Mfg. Co.’s core market. It is not possible for you to service non-profit organizations as well as Rada can and we don’t want to confuse these groups.

Please note that wholesale pricing is reserved for resellers only. You must provide Rada Mfg. Co.™ with a current copy of your state issued Resale Tax Certificate to qualify. Rada Mfg. Co.™ reserves the right to discontinue selling products to anyone who misrepresents their relationship with Rada Mfg. Co.™ or provides inferior customer service.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you to our Reseller customers that have shared their experiences selling Rada Cutlery. We hope their stories help to give you a more in depth understanding of the benefits of selling Rada knives in your business.