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Easy Fundraising!

Thousands of clubs, teams, churches, schools and youth groups choose Rada Cutlery for their fundraiser each year!

Rada Cutlery offers your group:

  1. 40% profit selling USA-Made kitchen products
  2. Easy system for leaders and sellers
  3. Remarkable value for your supporters

Getting started is easy.

  1. Your free information packet
  2. Order fundraising catalogs for your group
  3. Start your fundraiser
  4. Submit your total order
  5. Receive and distribute products


Your group will be selling these 100% American-Made kitchen products:

  1. Kitchen utensils and cutlery – over 45 selections
  2. Gift Sets – over 25 selections
  3. Quick Mixes – over 40 selections
  4. Cookbooks – over 40 selections
  5. Stoneware – 6 selections

Your group will be working directly with our factory so your supporters receive an exceptional product at a great value. This is the fundraising model we have used since 1948 to help groups sell over 146 million pieces of cutlery!

Fundraising Options

Most groups choose catalog sales where the member contacts their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers and take their orders. Many groups choose to also use the online fundraising option so out of town supporters can place orders that are shipped directly to them with the group keeping the profit. Also, some groups set up a table and do event sales. Use one, two, or all three methods to maximize profits!

Fundraising Information Packet

Request your packet of information to share with the other members in your group. You will receive:

  1. Fundraising catalog – 32 page catalog your members will use to take orders
  2. Leader’s Guide – step by step instructions makes fundraising easy
  3. Order Taker – form to record orders from your supporters
  4. Order Form – wholesale pricing and information to place your order


Please call or email us with your questions. Your questions will be answered by our dedicated customer service staff from our factory in Waverly, Iowa. Call 800-311-9691 (or 319-352-5454) or email us at customerservice@radamfg.com.

Placing Your Order

There are several ways to place your order – phone, mail, fax or online.


99% of our orders ship out within two working days of receiving your order.

Two timing considerations:

  1. Peak holiday order processing may take up to two extra days.
  2. Adverse weather can affect when we receive your mail orders and outbound shipments.

To ensure delivery prior to Christmas we suggest:

  1. Regular non-sorted orders arrive at Rada by 12/19/2016
  2. Sorted orders arrive at Rada by 12/13/2016
  3. School orders arrive at Rada 9 business days prior to school dismissal