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Women of the Moose | Fundraising Opportunity

Many different Civic Organizations fundraise with Rada Cutlery – including the Women of the Moose. This organization was founded in 1913 and now has over 400,000 members with chapters in all fifty states as well as Canada.

The Women of the Moose focus their philanthropic efforts around a 6 point community service program. These points include: Youth Sports Special Olympics, Local Volunteer Centers, Moose Alert Food & Shelter, Scouting Tommy Moose Safe Surfin’, Youth Awareness and Mooseheart Moosehaven. Women of the Moose fundraise with Rada Cutlery

Mooseheart is child city and school. It is located west of Chicago and consists of a 1,000 acre community for children and teens in need. At Mooseheart children are cared for from infancy through high school because their families are unable to provide care for them. The Family Teachers of Mooseheart focus on providing a consistent systematic method of care emphasizing on social skills development to help the children lead successful lives.

Moosehaven is a 70 acre retirement community in Orange Park, Florida for retired members of the Loyal Order of the moos and Women of the Moose. This retirement home, also known as the City of Contentment, is a continuing care facility.

Both of these facilities are supported by Women of the Moose and the members raise over $20 million annually that is donated to their community service efforts.

Different chapters of the Women of the Moose use Rada Cutlery to help raise funds to go towards their 6 point community service program. At Rada organizations receive 40 percent of everything they sell.

A Women of the Moose chapter in North Carolina has sold Rada Cutlery products in the past and will be starting their new fundraiser.

“Were ready to get started on our fundraiser. We’ve sold your knives many times over the years. ”

Another Women of the Moose Chapter in Missouri also has had success selling Rada Cultery’s 100% made in the USA products and will be holding another fundraiser.

 “This Chapter of the Women of the Moose has been previous customers and I am now the chairman that will do the fundraising and we would like new catalogs and price lists.”

For more information about the Women of the Moose or if you are interested in finding a local chapter located near you visit their website here.

Women of the Moose Fundraising

To learn more about fundraising with Rada Cutlery and the benefits for your organization click here for more information or call 1-800-311-9691.

Overview:  Rada Mfg. Co. has been helping fundraising groups since 1948.  More than 19,000 non-profit groups choose Rada Cutlery as their fundraiser each year.  Organizations work directly with the factory so there are no middlemen increasing costs for the fundraiser supporters.  Supporters purchase useful and remarkable quality American-Made Rada Cutlery products – selecting from kitchen knives, utensil and gift sets as well as stoneware, cookbooks, and quick mixes.  Fundraising Leaders appreciate the easy system, two day shipping, and 40% profit!



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