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Useful Fundraising Products | “Love My Rada Knives”

The Rada Pizza Cutter and several Rada knives are great when preparing pizza!

Fund Raise With Products Everyone Can Enjoy

Edna, a Rada Cutlery fundraiser for TOPS in Oklahoma, told it like it is:

“In today’s economy it is better to be selling something useful.”

These words ring true for fundraisers all over the country hoping to earn money for their group. To keep marching bands, choirs, 4-H clubs, churches, and civic groups going, many turn to fundraising and many know just where to go for useful fundraising products that everyone can enjoy: Rada Cutlery.

Why Rada is a Useful Fundraising Product

Rada Cutlery is Durable & Long-Lasting

We hear from so many customers who bought their Rada knives decades ago from fundraisers still use them! This is because Rada knives offer so many different uses and they are top-notch quality. Rada Cutlery is 100% Made in the USA – raw materials and construction. You know you’re getting quality when you purchase any Rada knife.

You can’t beat the Lifetime Guarantee that Rada promises. Our fundraising products have stood the test of time for generations of loyal Rada users. And for the prices, they can’t be beat!

Rada Knives are Versatile & Fulfill Many Purposes


Every cook needs cutlery, and every cook loves Rada’s kitchen items.

We offer all kinds of knives to fulfill any kind of cutting or slicing or cooking you need to do. Imagine how the 40% fundraising profit will add up while your group offers Rada items to your supporters! Even the most experienced chef can find a knife from Rada that they don’t yet have.

Here are some of the different knives we make:

  • Paring Knives: Granny Paring, Peeling Paring, Serrated Paring, Regular Paring, Heavy Duty Paring, and Super Parer
  • Slicers & Dicers: Tomato Slicer, Serrated Slicer, Carving Fork, Carver/Boner, Ham Slicer
  • Kitchen Companions: Knife Sharpener, Food Chopper, Handi-Stir, Serrated Pie Server, Ice Cream Scoop, Pizza Cutter, Spatula, Cook’s Spoon, Flexible Cutting Board
  • Peelers & Spreaders: Vegetable Peeler, Cheese Knife, Party Spreader
  • Cooking Knives: Butcher, Cook’s Knife, Chef’s Dicer, French Chef, Steak Knives, Bread Knife, Bagel Knife
  • Outdoor Knives: Sportsman Knife & Filet Knife, both with leather scabbards
  • Gift Sets: Pare & Peel Gift Set, Housewarming Gift Set, Wedding Register Gift Set, Starter Gift Sets, Oak block Sets, Meat Lover’s Gift Set

And so much more! Everyone loves Rada, because they are reasonably priced, amazingly functional and Made in the USA. Plus, they make great gifts for weddings, showers, birthdays, Christmas, and more!

Rada Isn’t Just Cutlery


Rada doesn’t just make amazing cutlery. We also offer fundraising groups these useful products:

  • Quick Mixes – You will love the amazing and efficient quick mixes that Rada makes. Our quick mixes come in packets that you only need to add a few extra ingredients to and you instantly have delicious dips, sweet dips, cheeseballs, pound cakes, sauces, soups, and no-bake cheesecakes. These quick mixes make it easy to prepare quick dishes or appetizers for get-togethers or just a family meal. You won’t be able to resist our great flavors: S’mores No-Bake Cheesecake, Iowa Steak Soup, Tuscan Herb Cheeseball, Cookie Dough Sweet Dip, and much more!
  • Stoneware – Experience the quality of Rada stoneware. In six different pans, you can take dishes right from the freezer to a preheated oven to prepare dishes ahead of time, and the stoneware won’t crack! Plus, stoneware maintains an even baking temperature so you can experience superior results. Talk about a useful product!
  • Cookbooks – Rada Cutlery offers incredible cookbook titles you won’t find anywhere else! This is always useful for someone looking for new recipes.

Useful Fundraising Products Equal Success

Vickie from South Carolina requested fundraising materials for her Relay for Life team and commented:

“Have purchased from other groups in the past. Love my Rada knives and have had some for 20 years or more. Wanted a fundraiser people could use instead of overpriced candy or nuts!”

A fundraiser from Pennsylvania said:

“Our church used to sell your knives for years and now they are very hard to find. We are always looking for fundraisers for Alzheimer’s so why not offer something so useful and wonderful.”

A fundraiser from Tennessee knows it’s better to sell Rada:

“My child’s daycare does a cookie dough sale and to me, as the parent of the child, I would rather ask family and friends to buy something useful.”

Sheila from Virginia wanted to help a friend with large medical bills:

“We know that your product is something that almost everyone says yes to, because the knives are wonderful and it’s a product that is very useful.”

Mary from Florida asked for fundraising information for her First Assembly of God church:

“I purchased Rada products over ten years ago. I still have them and think they would make a wonderful fundraiser for my church.”


If these quotes from our repeat customers don’t convince you, try Rada and experience the quality and usefulness for yourself.

The Useful Fundraising Product

Click here to request your free catalog. Or learn more about fundraising with Rada here.

Read more about the other benefits of fundraising with Rada and how your group can earn a 40% profit selling American Made kitchen products. It’s easy, unique, superior, and fun!