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Mummified Ginger Cookies | Halloween Desserts

Mummy Cookies for Halloween Treats

Looking for a Halloween dessert recipe that would be fun to make with your kids? Try making Mummified Ginger Cookies. These cookies are fun for the kids to help make and a fun Halloween treat for your next party. The Mummified Ginger Cookie recipe can be found in our “Too Cute To Eat” cookbook.

"Too Cute To Eat" Cookbook

How to Make Mummy Gingerbread Cookies

You just need a few simple ingredients to get started. Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • Gingerbread cookies shaped like people
  • 1 pound tub of white ready to use frosting
  • 1 tube of decorating icing-this is for the eyes so you can pick whatever color you would like
  • 1 pastry bag
  • Small flat tip for decorating

1. For this recipe you can use your favorite gingerbread recipe for these cookies, a mix or buy premade dough like we did. If you are looking for a gingerbread recipe our “Too Cute To Eat” cookbook has a delicious one in it.

Halloween Cookies

2. Once you have the dough made, use the cookie cutter to cut out your mummies. Follow the baking instruction with your cookie dough. We used the 12 by 15 inch stoneware cookie sheet to bake our cookies. The Rada Cutlery Spatula works great for removing the cookies from cookie sheet without breaking them.

3. Allow the cookies to cool.

Add eyes to the Halloween Cookie

4. Now the fun really begins. Use writing icing or decorating icing to make small round eyes on each gingerbread cookie.

5. Transfer about half of the frosting to a pastry bag fitted with a small flat tip. Be sure to use a flat tip because it gives the appearance of bandages.

Creating a Bandage Look on the Cookies

5. Using the pastry bag pipe the frosting back and forth across and over the sides of cookies to resemble bandages. If you are having a child help you make sure they know not to squeeze the pastry bag too much to avoid a mess. Feel free to experiment with overlapping the frosting for a more realistic effect.

Finished Halloween Treat

6. Add more frosting to bag as necessary to finish cookies.

7. Allow the frosting to set for a few minutes and then serve and enjoy!

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