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Misty Prepper Endorses Rada Cutlery | Rada: The Kitchen Utensils Everyone’s Talking About!

Rada Cutlery's classic logo.

“Rada knives. My favorite!” says Misty as she browses the aisles of her local general store. She’s one of countless home cooks who readily touts the virtues of Rada Cutlery, but there’s something special about this circumstance; Misty’s on camera!

Misty is the star of Misty Prepper, a YouTube channel that has made her an online sensation. Her channel, which focuses on various aspects of rural living with an emphasis on food, has nearly 30,000 subscribers and millions of video views. So when she posted a video in which she expressed her fondness for Rada, we heard from many of Misty’s fans who requested information about Rada Cutlery kitchen products.

Here is the video, a tour of the Cane Creek Market, that got so many of Misty’s viewers curious about Rada Cutlery:

We were thrilled that Misty’s love of our products inspired so many of her fans to see about having Rada in their own kitchens. As a sign of our appreciation, we sent her a promotional kit that included a number of our popular and renowned kitchen utensils. Upon receiving the kit, Misty was kind enough to record a video featuring what she had received:

We’re thrilled to see our products used and enjoyed by millions of people such as Misty and her fans.

Be sure to visit Misty’s YouTube channel for more videos!

Here we’d like to spotlight just a few of the many Rada kitchen utensils featured in Misty’s cooking videos.

Super Parer

Rada Super Parer Knife

The Super Parer is the go-to knife for many Rada fans, and with good reason. It features a 4-inch blade that gives the knife unmatched versatility for cutting fruits, vegetables, and other foods of all sizes. Like all Rada knives, it is made entirely in the USA, and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Misty says this his her absolute favorite knife!

Click here to have a Super Parer delivered to your door!

Turnover Spatula

Rada Turnover Spatula

The Rada Turnover is a handy spatula that helps making cooking and serving a breeze. It features a large face designed for cooking and grilling, with slots that allow the draining of grease and other liquids. The design has a sturdy ridge for increased stability, meaning you can cook and serve foods ranging from cookies to hamburgers with confidence. It also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Get your own Turnover spatula for your kitchen!

Cook’s Knife

Cook's Knife

The Rada Cook’s Knife is knife that expert and novice cooks alike will find themselves reaching for again and again! It’s constructed with a 6 ¼” blade that’s ideal for serious cooking tasks without the intimidation factor of larger knives. It rocks gently for cutting or mincing, while the offset handle ensures the user’s safety. Like all Rada Cutlery, it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Order your own Cook’s Knife today!

Made in the USA

Rada Factory with American Flag

Rada Cutlery is proudly manufactured in the USA, a fact Misty has brought up in her videos. From our facility in Waverly, Iowa, our employees strive to produce high-quality kitchen utensils at the best possible price. Not only are our products the result of superior craftsmanship, but of American ingenuity.

Visit our website to browse our catalog, read our blog, and learn about all things Rada!

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Fundraise With Rada!

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We at Rada Cutlery aren’t just proud of our beloved products and our commitment to American manufacturing. We also offer our entire catalog to fundraisers looking to raise money for noble causes. Since 1948, we’ve worked with tens of thousands of fundraising groups across the country, including schools, churches, youth groups, hospitals, civic organizations, and more. By selling Rada, fundraisers make an astounding 40% profit, while our top-notch customer service helps make the challenge of raising money into a manageable task.

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