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How To: Orders from out of town friends and family.

Online Order Takers

Rada Cutlery provides a unique opportunity for fundraising organizations. Groups are no longer limited to selling to family and friends in their communities. With the Internet Fundraising option portion of our Simple Sorting Service, organizations can sell to family and friends who live out of town.

Using this ‘simple sorting’ process can be done in three easy steps:

1. Call Customer Service to set up your free Internet account

2. Email or Facebook the people you wish to sell to your login information and password. This allows them to order and pay the same amount listed in the catalogs.

3. Rada will keep track of the sales and send your organization a profit check once a month

You can enter your orders online at our Rada Sorted Orders Website.

Order Check-In

Upon receiving your order, you will want to locate the Invoice/Packing slip and confirm all of the items are received. If any discrepancies are found, you will need to contact Rada Custom Service at 1-800-311-9691.

Benefits of using the on-line self sorter:

1. You save the postage cost plus the time it takes for your mail to reach us.

2. You can enter your Order Takers as they are turned in, allowing you to follow up on any questions.

3. You will balance each Order Taker as it is entered to ensure accuracy.

4. Your order is shipped out 2 working days earlier (plus the time saved if mailed to us).

Questions? Call Customer Service, or watch our tutorial on Internet Fundraising above.

Rada Mfg. Co. is located in Waverly, Iowa.  We have been helping non-profit groups fund raise since 1948. Churches, clubs, school and youth groups earn 40% profit selling useful kitchen products and supporters receive quality products at a remarkable value.


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