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Easily Cut a Pineapple | Cutting Pineapple Whole

A Rada Old Fashioned Butcher Knife cuts a pineapple.

Pineapples can be difficult to cut because the tough outer skin and the stem at the top. In the video below, Chef Jere demonstrates how to cut a pineapple simply using the Rada Old Fashioned Butcher Knife. This knife cuts through the pineapple skin with ease.

Cut the whole pineapple in half. Take one section and cut that half into thirds. From there, cut out the core and cut into chunks for serving. Following Chef Jere’s method is a great way to serve pineapple as a garnish or as the side to a breakfast.

Pineapple Cutting Video

Old Fashioned Butcher Knife

The Old Fashioned Butcher Knife has a 7 ¾” blade for any heavy cutting. The hefty blade is ideal for splitting, stripping and cutting meat. This butcher knife can also be used on tougher or thicker fruit like pineapple or any larger melons.

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Cutting Pineapple Video Transcript:

Today we are using Rada’s Old Fashion Butcher Knife. This is a pretty unique knife, the shape, the form of it. Basically, it is used to cut just about anything, it is just like it says, and it is an old fashion butcher’s knife. It is used to cut chicken, tougher cuts of meat, around bones, through chicken breast. But today we are going to do a pineapple. I am going to show you the kind of nice garnish pineapple wedge.

We are going to start by cutting partially a part of the top off of it. Not the whole thing just a bit. Carefully we are going to cut down the middle. The nice thing about this butcher knife also is the rocking motion it can give you when you are cutting through a thick item like this, it does a good job. Next thing we are going to do, turn it on its side, meat side down and we are going to cut this into thirds, each half into thirds. Starting at the top I am just going to work our way through it. Turn it over this way, start at the bottom and work our way through there.

Next step will be to remove the middle, the core of the pineapple. You just want to cut into it, just a bit and then remove that top core. Our next step will be to cut that pineapple out. Make a cut on each side and carefully just run through until you get to your other cut. The next step will be to cut and dice this. Repeat. And repeat with the remaining pineapple. This is a nice little way to serve a brunch. A good ole pot of fruit with your Sunday brunch. There you have it, diced pineapple with the Old Fashioned Butcher Knife.

End of Cutting Pineapple Video Transcript.