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Halloween Treats | Witch’s Hat Cookies

Witch's Hat Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is approaching quickly as the leaves begin to turn colors and the weather cools down. It won’t be long until Halloween parties for schools, clubs, work, etc are being planned. If you are looking for a simple Halloween treat that you can make for a child’s school party or to take to work – try this Witch’s Hat cookie recipe.

Witch’s Hats are a simple Halloween dessert to make that are almost two cute two eat! All you need are three simple ingredients and a little bit of time and you will have treats that everyone will love.

How to Make Witch’s Hat Halloween Cookies

The ingredients that you will need:

Witch's Hat Ingredients

  • 32 milk chocolate kisses
  • 1 package fudge striped shortbread cookies
  • 1 tube orange or red decorating icing (It is helpful if the tube has a decorating tip on it)

How to make a Witch's Hat

  1. Take your tube of decorating icing and pipe around the bottom edge of the chocolate kiss. (If your tube of frosting does not have a good tip, do not worry. You can put the icing in a plastic sandwich bag and snip the corner off. You may need to experiment with how much you should cut off the corner. Then fill the bag with frosting and you are ready to begin.)
  2. Place the frosted chocolate kiss on the chocolate bottom of each cookie (stripe side down). Make sure the kiss is covering the hole in the cookie.
  3. Use the decorating icing to pipe around the base of the chocolate kiss and decorate with an icing bow.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

Halloween Treats: Witch's Hat

Spooky Halloween Cookbooks!

This simple Halloween dessert recipe came from one of our many cookbooks, “Class Treats, Bake Sales and Birthday Parties.” If you are in need of other ideas for school or other events, then this cookbook is perfect for you. It has over 100 different dessert recipes for all the holidays.

You might also try this recipe for Mummy Cookies.

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The “Disgustingly Delicious” cookbook is perfect for Halloween parties – for example, it includes a recipe for Jello worms! It also inlcudes various activities that kids will enjoy.

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