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The Rada Cutlery Test Kitchen decorated eggs to look like they were tie dyed. This was a simple Easter egg decorating idea that was fun to do. In less than 10 steps you can have creative and fun decorated Easter eggs. The method is perfect for people who like to avoid messes. It involves little contact with the eggs, takes place over the kitchen sink and leaves you with unique tie-dyed looking eggs.

Tie Dye Eggs

Supplies: Hard boiled eggs, colander or strainer, food coloring, vinegar, water

1. Over a sink or bowl place hard boiled eggs in a colander be sure the eggs are not overlapping

2. Pour white vinegar over the eggs

Drip food coloring on egg

3. Take food coloring and drip a few drops over the eggs

4. Gently rock the colander to spread the food coloring over the eggs

5. Allow coloring to dry for about 30 seconds to one minute. The longer you let the color set the darker it will be.

Add second color to egg

6. Pick a second color and repeat steps 3 and 4

7. Continue with the number of desired colors. Beware the more colors you add the darker the eggs will be.

Gently rinse the egg

8. After the last color has set lightly rinse them with water. Some of the coloring will wash off so be careful not to pour too much.

9. Let the eggs air dry


For more traditional methods of dying eggs the Rada Cutlery Handi-Stir is perfect for lowering eggs into bowls of coloring.



Tye Dye Easter Eggs by Rada Cutlery

                     Happy Easter!


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