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Sample Pack

Fundraising Sampling Pack

The Rada Cutlery Fundraising Sampling Pack can be used to introduce a few Rada Cutlery items to members of your group who will be selling. Your Sampling Pack includes: 1 – item R101 Regular Paring (silver brushed aluminum handle) 1 – item W226 Tomato Slicer (black stainless steel resin handle) 1 – item Q601 Cucumber […]

4-H Clover

4-H Fundraising Ideas | Fundraisers for 4-H

4-H clubs have to deal with various expenses like membership fees, fair fees, and 4-H trip and camp funds. Fundraising throughout the year can make the costs and fees more manageable. One fundraising option that offers unique and useful products is Rada Cutlery. With Rada, your group can sell cutlery, kitchen utensils, gift sets, stoneware, […]

Rada Cutlery Products

Your Group Too!

Does your group need to raise funds for a project?  Are you looking for a great fundraising idea?  Thousands of groups find that selling Rada Cutlery to be their best fundraiser each year. The Rada Cutlery fundraising program is good for everyone involved – group leaders, members and supporters! The fundraising group leaders appreciate earning 40% profit […]

Church Fundraising

Church Fundraising with Rada Cutlery | Church Fundraiser Ideas

  Church fundraisers have sold Rada Cutlery since 1948 when we only offered three knives!  Churches enjoy selling a practical, useful product that is Made in the USA, top quality and reasonably priced.  In fact, the church fund raisers allowed Rada Mfg. Co. to develop our model of fund raising groups working directly with the factory. We […]

Internet Orders

How To: Orders from out of town friends and family.

Online Order Takers Rada Cutlery provides a unique opportunity for fundraising organizations. Groups are no longer limited to selling to family and friends in their communities. With the Internet Fundraising option portion of our Simple Sorting Service, organizations can sell to family and friends who live out of town. Using this ‘simple sorting’ process can be […]

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