High School Band Fundraising Success Story

Selecting the best high school band fundraising idea can be a difficult process. Hundreds of school band groups (marching band, jazz band, orchestra, concert band, drum corps, etc) select Rada Cutlery as their fundraiser.

The marching band from Sweet Water High School in Alabama is one of the many schools that fund raise by selling Rada Cutlery. Paul is the director of the Sweet Water Band that includes about 60 students. Paul’s band is selling Rada Cutlery products for their second year to help raise funds for his group.

Many bands choose to fundraise with Rada

Paul contacted us recently to share his fundraising experiences. He said he encourages his students to set individual goals for the amount they want to fundraise according to the band fees the students are applying their profit.

This school year, the Sweet Water High School Band fund raised for the band to take a spring trip. The 40 percent Rada Cutlery fundraiser’s profit allowed students to reach above and beyond their goals.

“We had several members who raised enough money to pay off their spring trip with the band,” said Paul. “We also had three members who raised so much money that they not only paid off their trips, they also helped other students pay off their spring trips.”

Paul said his group enjoys their annual Rada fundraising. The Sweet Water High School Band chooses to sell using the traditional method of catalogs and order takers. However, they also use the free Internet Fundraising option to allow their of town friends and family to log in and place an order. These orders are shipped directly to the supporter and the band receives the same amount of profit as if it was sold face to face.

“The online ordering makes it so much easier for students to sell items to their relatives who live out of county or even out of state,” said Paul.

Rada Mfg. Co. has been helping non-profit groups raise money for their causes since 1948. The easy fund raising system has evolved over the decades to make it as straight forward as possible for both the leaders and sellers.

“Items are always shipped quickly. If there are any mistakes in an order, they are quickly fixed,” Paul said. The Rada Cutlery customer service team enjoys helping fundraising groups be successful. Rada Cutlery products are 100% made in the USA and always in inventory.

Supporters appreciate being able to select useful products that they want and need while supporting the cause. Groups work directly with the factory so there are no middlemen that add costs for the fundraiser’s customers.

If you are part of a school organization and are interested in fundraising with Rada Cutlery click here to request a catalog.


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