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4-H Fundraising Ideas | Fundraisers for 4-H

A beautiful strawberry pie alongside a Rada Serrated Pie Server.

4-H clubs have to deal with various expenses like membership fees, fair fees, and 4-H trip and camp funds. Fundraising throughout the year can make the costs and fees more manageable. One fundraising option that offers unique and useful products is Rada Cutlery. With Rada, your group can sell cutlery, kitchen utensils, gift sets, stoneware, cookbooks and food “Quick Mixes” like soups, pound cakes, dips and sauces. Clubs receive a 40% profit from selling Rada. It’s easy to have a convincing sales pitch for these products. They’re 100 percent made in the USA from recycled aluminum, the blades are surgical quality, they’re useful products that can be used everyday and the cutlery has a lifetime guarantee.

Fundraise with Rada Cutlery to create more opportunities for your 4-H members like attending summer camps, conferences and receiving 4H scholarships.
4-H projects promote learning and growth. Create more opportunities for your 4H members by fundraising with Rada Cutlery.

4-H clubs have been selling Rada products for decades. Each club receives an astounding 40% profit from their sales! Rada knives offer incredible value and have built up a reputation for excellence. Check out what these 4-H leaders had to say about upcoming and past fundraisers with Rada:

“This will be our second time to do a Rada fundraiser for our 4-H members. We were able to do a lot with last year’s profits. At our meeting last night the committee wanted 100 additional catalogs. We will try to give a scholarship this year.” – Joey O’Dowd, 4-H AdultLeaders-UpshurCounty, Gilmer, Texas
“Love the Rada knives but no one sells them in our area. What better than for a 4-H fundraiser?” – Gretchen Bass, Fur and Feathers 4-H, Conroe, Texas
“Please send info on the fundraising program. We are looking for ways to help 5th and 6th graders earn money for 4-H Summer Camp. I have purchased Rada Cutlery many times and love it. This has never been tried in our small town. Thanks.” – Elaine Thornton, CharltonCounty 4-H club, Folkston, Georgia

Selling Rada means your group can expand its selling area to the whole country. We offer online ordering options, so friends and family around the country can check out our products and place orders to go toward your fundraiser. You won’t have to wait around for your products after you order them either. All Rada orders are guaranteed to ship out within two business days. Plus, if you group sells over $1,000 of products, we’ll sort and package your items for easy distribution when they arrive. Learn more about our easy fundraising process!

The Rada serrated pie server is a great 4-H fundraising product.
The Rada serrated pie server is a great 4H fundraising product and can help young bakers serve their 4-H baking projects.

Rada makes it easy for you to show community members the products they could purchase. Each group can have 10 free catalogs a year, and each additional catalog is only $.20. Groups can purchase sampler packs, Rada posters, banners, table runners, price cards, display boxes, demonstrator cases, t-shirts, car magnets, and product image CDs to help promote their fundraiser. Check out all of our promotional materials for your fundraiser. Groups can choose to sell directly from the catalog or order in bulk and sell Rada products continuously or at special events throughout the year. At special events, groups can take orders for items they don’t have in stock and place occasional orders once they have met the low $20 minimum order amount.

Rada allows fundraising groups to return unsold merchandise up to 90 days after purchase. Selling from the catalog also has its benefits. Supporters enjoy being able to look through the 32-page catalog and make their selections. Rada is an excellent fundraising choice for 4H clubs. Our products are perfect for families that love to cook and enjoy developing their home. We love helping clubs that promote learning and growth in young people, making Rada and 4H a perfect match.

Request your catalog today to learn more about our fundraising program and products!

Citizenship Washington Focus for 4-H

CWF logo

Every year, thousands of 4-H youth from across the country travel to America’s capitol for the Citizenship Washington Focus, a conference that offers a wide array of activities that promote good citizenship. This thrilling trip not only gives participants the chance to learn new skills and improve existing ones, but to forge lifelong relationships with others from all over the nation.

Click here to take a look at how Rada Cutlery can be the ticket to an unforgettable trip to the Citizenship Washington Focus!

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4-H Fundraising
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